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Aadi Pirappu

Aadi is the fourth month in the Tamil Calendar. Aadi Pirappu means ‘the first day’ or the beginning of the month Aadi’. The day and the month are of great significance as Dakshinayana Punyakalam begins on this day – sun changes its course. Next six months from Aadi to Margazhi is considered to be the nighttime of the Devas. In 2017, Aadi Pirappu is on July 17.
Since it is the beginning of the nighttime of Devas people believe that the month is not auspicious and important ceremonies should be held during this month. But the month is also noted for numerous festivals and rituals therefore there is also an argument that the month is auspicious. The month is also considered highly auspicious for the worship of Goddess Amman.
On the Aadi Pirappu day people visit nearby temples and pray for a hassle free month as the monsoon is at its peak.
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Kenopanishad on Understanding Brahman

Brahman is not an object. It is that which is all-pervading, mysterious, incomprehensible, Chaitanya or pure-consciousness. Brahman must be known through intuition or self-cognition. Brahman is known when it is known as the witness of every state of consciousness.Keno Upanishad