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Hindu Temples and Organizations Turn to Solar Cooking and Generate Revenue through Carbon Credits

A year ago this blog had written about the use of solar cooking by HinduTemples and spiritual organizations. Now, Time Magazine in its latest issue explores this highly encouraging aspect in an article titled ‘India's Temples Go Green.’ The solar cooking project which is environment friendly – reduces pollution and is cost saving. Gadhia Solar Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd located at Gundlav in Valsad in Gujarat is the organization that is helping temples, schools and organizations in India go green.Solar cooking technology cuts down on the amount of diesel fuel and earns valuable carbon credits, which is sold to major companies around the world. Some of the important organizations and temples that are using solar cooking in India with the help of Gadhia Solar Energy Systems include TirupatiBalajiTemple, Brahma Kumaris Mount Abu, Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan and Sringeri Mutt. You can find the elaborate list of the institutions that use solar cooking here. When emissions in India are consta…

Inspirational Quotes from Mahabharata

It is he who is never discouraged who greatens and tastes the eternal joy.
Nothing is superior to truthfulness, nor anything more terrible than falsehood.
By dominating the senses one increases the intelligence.
Gold is tested by the fire, the good man by his acts, heroes by perils, the prudent man by difficult circumstances, friends and enemies by needs.