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You can contact me at hindublog@gmail.comPlease note that I am not an astrologer and I won’t be able to help you with astrology related questions. Sometimes I might not be able to give a prompt reply – this is due to power failure or failure in internet connection.And I live in India, so those friends around the world need to be patient as I will be able to give you answers only when it is daytime in India.

Quotes from Kathopanishad

No man can be made truly happy by wealth. What use are these: wealth, long life and desires and objects of enjoyment? They wear out the vigor of all the senses and even the longest life is verily short. These two, ignorance and knowledge, are wide apart and lead to different points of goals.The good and the pleasant take hold of a man. The wise man examines and distinguishes them. He prefers the good (Sreya) to the pleasant, but the ignorant man choose the pleasant (Preya) for the sake of the body. Kathopanishad

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