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Ramayana Photo Group on Flickr by British Library

As part of its ongoing Ramayan Exhibition, British Library in London has started a Ramayana Photo Group on Flickr and it is inviting photos from around to world in its new Flickr Ramayana Now group. The group is dedicated to pictures and photos of the great Indian epic, the Ramayan. If your photograph is impressive it will be displayed in British Library’s Summer Exhibition – The Ramayana: Love and Valour in India's Great Epic.Some of the photographs already displayed on Flickr explore how Ramayan has been represented and retold over the centuries in different countries and cultures. Most photographs are of modern day presentation of the immortal epic. If you have Ramayana related photographs, you can upload your photographs, pictures and images to the British Library’s group on Flickr. Selected photographs will also be displayed on the British Library website. You can find the British Library Ramayana Now group on Flickr here.RelatedSee and Read 17th Century Ramayan Online

A Poem by Surdas

Gopal has slipped in and stolen my heart, friend.
He stole through my eyes and invaded my breast
simply by looking – who knows how he did it? –
Even though parents and husband and all
crowded the courtyard and filled my world.
The door was protected by all that was proper;
not a corner, nothing, was left without a guard.
Decency, prudence, respect for the family –
these three were locks and I hid the keys.
The sturdiest doors were my eyelid gates –
to enter through them was a passage impossible –
And secure in my heart, a mountainous treasure:
Insight, intelligence, fortitude, wit.
And then, says Sur, he had stolen it –
With a thought and a laugh and a look –
And my body was scorched with remorse.


(Source: Song of the Saints of India, Translated by J.S.Hawley and Mark Juergensmeyer.)