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Traditional Hindu Birthday Celebration – How do Hindus Celebrate Birthday?

Janam Dhin, Birthday, is celebrated in a unique way in Hinduism. In Hindu religion, the Hindi Tithi or the Nakshatra or Nallu is chosen to celebrate the birthday. The annual birthday celebration is not on a fixed date as in the English Calendar. Hindus give importance to the Tithi and in some regions it is based on the 27 Nakshatras. There is also a debate whether it is right to light candles on a cake and then blow it off on birthdays in Hindu tradition. Feeding the poor is an important part of Hindu birthday celebrations. Visiting the temple on birthday and performing Ganesh Puja is considered highly auspicious. Other important pujas performed on birthday include pujas to Shiva, Rudra Abhishek, Navgraha Puja and pujas to ‘Ishta Devta’ or personal deity. Blessings of parents, especially that of Mother is very important on birthday.Now, if the person believes in astrology, then depending on the position of the grahas etc there will be other pujas that will be needed to be performed on…

Bonalu Festival

Bonalu is a major festival observed in the twin cities of Hyderabad – Secunderabad and Telangana Region in Andhra Pradesh. The festival is dedicated to Maha Kali – Mother Goddess. This unique festival mainly observed by women is held on Sundays in the Telugu Month of Ashada (June - July). Other important Bonalu festival is held at the SriJagadambaTemple in Golconda Fort and at Matheswari Temple of Laldarwaja.
The word 'Bonalu' is derived from Telugu word ‘Bhojanalu’ – the food offered to the Goddess Kali. The main ritual in Bonalu consist of offering cooked rice, jaggery, curd, water and other dishes which are brought in the pots to Goddess Shakti by women. The earthen pots are decorated with white, yellow and red colors and women arrive at the temples carrying it on their heads.
The festival ends on Monday with ‘Rangam,’ which involves a colorful elephant procession. Today, Bonalu is observed by all the temples in Hyderabad – Secunderabad and Telangana Region dedicated to Mot…

National Geographic Documentary on Indian Girl Lakshmi with Four Arms and Four Legs and her Successful Operation Garner World Attention

The little Indian Girl Lakshmi with four arms and four legs first made news in India when she was worshipped as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi in her remote village in Bihar. In November 2007, when doctors at the SparshHospital performed a ground breaking survey to remove the conjoined twin, India and the world watched eagerly. National Geographic Channel has now created a documentary on Lakshmi titled ‘Girl with Eight Limbs.’The documentary narrates little Lakshmi’s journey from being worshipped as a Goddess to her successful operation at Sparsh – her family, doctors and the rare medical procedure to remove her four arms and four Legs never before performed in India.The operation to remove the extra limbs was ground breaking – surgeons at Sparsh were working in six to eight hour shifts, doctors transplanted a kidney from Lakshmi's conjoined twin, separated their spines and repaired her pelvis before finally removing the parasitic torso.National Geographic Channel’s one-hour pr…

Varalaxmi Vratam – Varalakshmi Puja

Varalakshmi Pooja or Vrata is an important puja dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi – the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. In 2017, the date of Varalakshmi Puja is August 4. This Lakshmi Puja is observed by married women in the Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and by some communities in Kerala and Goa.

Varalakshmi Puja is performed for the prosperity and welfare of the family. It is believed that worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on the day is equal to worshipping all the Ashtalakshmi (Eight Lakshmi).

The importance or significance of Varalakshmi Vrata was narrated by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvati. It is mentioned in the Skanda Purana that once Goddess Parvati wanted to know about a ‘Vrata’ that is beneficial to all women and Lord Shiva narrated the glory of Varalakshmi Vrata.

It is believed that taking part in the puja or even observing the Varalakshmi Pooja is highly auspicious. You May Also Like To Read How to do Varalakshmi Pooja?