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Photo Bank of Madurai Meenakshi Temple Tower Sculptures

Each sculpture adorning the famed towers of Madurai Meenakshi Temple Tower is to be photographed and digitally stored. The nine towers have thousands of sculptures and the digital pictures will help in restoration works and will be a great asset for future.

The digital photograph of each sculpture is being shot in such a way that no minute details are missed – including position, facial expressions, dress, ornaments and other unique features. Such a vast collection of pictures of the tower sculptures will be a great help for future restoration works and for history and architecture studies.

Pictures of select sculptures that have been already photographed are on display inside the temple complex.

It is quite impossible to have a clear view of all the tower sculptures from ground level. The digital pictures are surely going to be a great help to visitors.

Hope, the temple authorities will display some pictures online too.(via)