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Hindus in United States the Most Tolerant – Pew Forum Survey on Religion and Public Life

The ‘Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life’ recently released the results of a survey on the religious beliefs and practices and social and political views of various religious traditions, including Hinduism, in the United States. The find indicates that Hindus are the most tolerant and majority believes all religions are true. Majority of people associated with Hindu religion are Democrats and have liberal view on homosexuality and abortion. This is the second part of a nation wide survey, the first part concentrated on the economic, education and other similar aspects and revealed that Hindus in United States are better educated and earned more. The survey titled ‘U.S. Religious Landscape Survey’ is based on interviews with more than 35,000 American adults.Here are some of the key findings from the survey regarding Hindus in United StatesBelief in God or Universal Spirit Among Hindus57% believe in god and certain about it35% believe in God and are only fairly certain9% not certain…