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Indian Railway Package Tour to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

As part of its spiritual tour package, Indian Railway is organizing pilgrimage to the world famous ShirdiSaiBabaTemple in Maharashtra from various cities in India. Presently, the India Railway is conducting tours from Vijayawada, Secunderabad (Hyderabad), and Bangalore. Some package tours also come along with a visit to the famous Shani Singanpur Shrine and other nearby spiritual and historical places.
Vijayawada – Nagarsol- Shiridi – Nagarsol- Vijayawada. - Rs.4,000/- per adult on the comfort option and Rs.2,200/- per person on the Standard option.Secunderabad – Nagarsol - Shridi - Nagarsol – Secunderabad. - Rs.1350/- per person. Secunderabad – Nagarsol- Shiridi - Shani Sinanapur - Shiridi - Nasik - Manmad - Secunderabad.BangaloreCity station by Karnataka Express (Train Number 2627) at 19:20 hours daily. Return from Kopargaon at 16:40 hrs, by Tr. 2628 Karnataka Express (Rs.3,100/- per person). The Deluxe version of the same pilgrimage costs Rs.5,500/.It must be noted here that the rai…

Vedic Mathematics Helps School Children and IIM and MBA Aspirants

Thanks to Vedic Mathematics, school children that hated Maths are falling in love with it. And many IIM and MBA aspirants are cracking their entrances with the help of Vedic Mathematics. There was never a doubt about the usability and greatness of Vedic Mathematics, but some critics were of the view that it had no relevance with the arrival computers and calculators. But School Children, IIM, MBA and IIT and other entrance aspirants who do not have the luxury of using a calculator in their examinations are falling in love with Vedic Maths as it helps in fast mental calculation and this saves time, a crucial factor in entrance examinations.Today, there are several numerous online resources for Vedic Mathematics. Also helping those interested in Vedic Mathematics are numerous books on the subject and several institutions and organizations. So, how are children getting interested in Vedic Maths? By converting Maths into simple games. This is what Magical Methods, an organization explorin…

Honeybee – the Twelfth Guru of Dattatreya

Just as the honeybee takes nectar from all flowers, big and small, an intelligent human being should take the essence from all religious scriptures.Another InterpretationMy twelfth guru is a bumblebee who takes only the tiniest drops of nectar from the flowers. Before accepting even that much, it hums and hovers and dances, creating an atmosphere of joy around the flower. It not only sings the song of cheerfulness; it also gives more to the flowers than it takes. It pollinates the plants and helps them prosper by flying from one flower to another. I learned from the bumblebee that I should take only a little from nature and that I should do so cheerfully, enriching the source from which I receive sustenance. (Source: The Himalayan Masters: A Living Tradition by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD)Another InterpretationHoneybee wanders from flower to flower and, without hurting them in the least, draws honey. So too, a spiritual seeker should study all the Holy Scriptures but retain in his he…

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