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How to clean Rudraksha Beads or Rudraksh Malas?

Rudraksh Beads or Malas made of original Rudraksha are very strong and have a life of thousands of years. It is usually passed on from one generation to another. Due to such prolong use Rudraksha beads and malas might get dirty or accumulate fungus. Those beads that are regularly worn also might require periodical cleaning.To clean the Rudraksha beads, first dip them in warm soapy water overnight. Do not use hard detergents or soap or chemicals. A natural or organic cleaning agent will be the right choice.After overnight dipping, take the Rudraksha out and scrub thoroughly with a soft toothbrush. (Please note that if there is any discoloration in the Rudraksha then it is a fake.)After scrubbing, wash with normal water and allow the Rudraksha to dry.Once thoroughly dried, you can wear it again. If you need to give a better shine, you can apply olive oil or sandalwood oil on the beads with a soft toothbrush. Allow the oil to dry away.

Simple Hindu Prayers and Mantras – Japas in Hinduism

Prayers or Mantras are used by spiritual aspirants to achieve god realization, to invoke the blessing of the deity and for meditation. Mantras aid in the conceptualization process and constant recitation of it gives rise to the actual form of the particular deity in the mind of the devotee.
All prayers and mantras in Hinduism are the many paths to realize the ONE – Brahman.The continuous recitation of a particular mantra is Japa. A simple prayer dedicated to Lord GaneshOM Sri Maha Ganapataye NamahProstrations to the Great Lord Ganesha. A Prayer to Lord ShivaOM Namah ShivayaProstrations to Lord ShivaPrayer to Lord VishnuOM Namo NarayanayaProstrations to Shri VishnuPrayer to Lord KrishnaOM Namo Bhagavate VasudevayaPrayers to the Lord Krishna. ‘Vasudeva’ means he who abides in all things and in whom all things abide.Prayer to Lord RamOM Sri Ramaya NamahProstrations to Lord RamPrayer to Durga – Mother GoddessOM Sri Durgayai NamahProstrations to Mother DurgaPrayer to Goddess LakshmiOM Sri M…

Photo Bank of Madurai Meenakshi Temple Tower Sculptures

Each sculpture adorning the famed towers of MaduraiMeenakshiTempleTower is to be photographed and digitally stored. The nine towers have thousands of sculptures and the digital pictures will help in restoration works and will be a great asset for future.The digital photograph of each sculpture is being shot in such a way that no minute details are missed – including position, facial expressions, dress, ornaments and other unique features. Such a vast collection of pictures of the tower sculptures will be a great help for future restoration works and for history and architecture studies.Pictures of select sculptures that have been already photographed are on display inside the temple complex. It is quite impossible to have a clear view of all the tower sculptures from ground level. The digital pictures are surely going to be a great help to visitors.Hope, the temple authorities will display some pictures online too.(via)

An Invocation Prayer to Lord Balaji by Tallapaka Annamacharya

Invocation Prayer to Lord Venkateswara

O Paramapurusha! O Matchless One!
I surrender unto you! O true abode of Lakshmi!
O one with a lotus navel! O lotus eyed!
O Lord with lotus like feet!
O Lord of all demigods and sages!
O Lord of the herds! O Granter of boons!
O four formed one! O one with four arms!
O one who wields the conch and discus!
O supreme Lord of Venkata hill!
O enjoyer of the praises of Anjana!
I surrender unto you!
Tallapaka Annamacharya