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Barack Obama Carries Lord Hanuman Statue for Good Luck

A photo that recently appeared on the Time Magazine White House Photo of the Day shows the things that Barack Obama carries for good luck, which includes a bracelet belonging to a soldier deployed in Iraq, a gambler’s lucky chit, a tiny monkey god and a tiny Madonna and child. Newspapers and Television channels in India have zeroed in on the tiny monkey god and are suggesting that the presumptive Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, Obama, is seeking the blessings of Lord Hanuman in his battle for the White House. Neither the Time magazine nor the photographer has identified the statue as Lord Hanuman. No idea if Obama too recognizes it has Hanauman idol. But the Indian media has linked the statue it to the initial days that Obama spent in Indonesia. In Bali Island of Indonesia, Hinduism is the most popular religion and the sacred epic Ramayana in which Lord Hanuman appears.But the tiny monkey god statue that is among the lucky charms has four hands. In India and Indonesia, Lord H…

Three Rudraksha Beads Naturally Joined – Trijuti Rudraksha

Trijuti, or Tribhagi, is three naturally joined Rudrakshas to form a single Rudraksha. It is found very rarely and such Rudraksha is also known as Gauri Paath or Brahma Vishnu Mahesh. It is said that only two to three Trijuit Rudraksha bead appear in the market for sale and prices of it are around Rupees 250,000.
The rarity of the Trijuti bead has created a thriving fake market for it. You will find numerous online sites selling Trijuti beads and even a Rudraksha bead expert cannot find the difference between the fake and real.
Fresh and expert methods are used to join three beads to make Trijuti. In rare instances, Gauri Shankar bead (two naturally joined beads) is attached artificially to create a Trijuti.
The ideal method to distinguish between a real and fake Trijuti bead is to boil it in water for 1 to 2 hours. If the joint is artificially created, then it will change in color. Natural joint remains the same even after boiling. (Read this post for more details about how to dis…

See and Read 17th Century Ramayana Manuscript Online – The Jagat Singh Ramayana

The 17th century Jagat Singh Ramayana is now in the possession of British Library. Currently an exhibition of the manuscripts is taking place at the Pearson Gallery, The British Library, London. You can also now view the manuscripts online through ‘Turning the Pages,’ which allows you to 'virtually' turn the pages of the Jagat Singh Ramayana manuscript online. Using ‘Turning the Pages,’ you can magnify details, read or listen to expert commentary on each page of the Jagat Singh Ramayana, and store or share your own notes.If you are using Windows XP or Macintosh OS X then you will need Silverlight version of Microsoft – the software that can be downloaded for free from Microsoft – to view the manuscripts. No need of any software, if you are using Windows Vista version.More details about the Ramayana and the online manuscript can be found here – The Jagat Singh Ramayana.

Quotes from Upadesa Saaram of Sri Ramana Maharshi

The fruit of actions are not everlasting and they pass away. But action leaves behind a seed for further action leading one into the endless ocean of action or ‘karma.’ This is not the way to liberation and it blocks all our spiritual progress.An action which is done with disinterestedness, not motivated by personal gain, and which is surrendered unto the Lord, will purify the mind and lead us to Liberation.Upadesa Saaram of Sri Ramana Maharshi