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How to observe or celebrate Ugadi?

Ugadi, or Ugadhi, is the Kannada and Telugu New Year. This is a short description of how Ugadi is celebrated in Karnataka and includes the important pujas performed, neivediya prepared, food and other rituals. The main to do list include – buying new clothes, Neem flower and leaf pachadi preparation, oil bath and Ugadi Panchanga Sravana. There are slight variations in the mode of Telugu Ugadi celebration. Things NeededNew Clothes for family membersNeem leaves and flowers for PachadiNew Year PanchangaFresh fruitsGeneral Puja FlowersUgadi PujaThe eldest female member in the house usually prepares for the Ugadi puja.House is thoroughly cleaned.Mango leave festoons or other decorations are installed on doors and windows.Ugadi pachadi or neem flower with jaggery is prepared.New clothes for family members are arranged before the deity or in the puja room. A small mark using a pinch of turmeric and kum kuma is made on the new clothes, mostly on those areas which is not easily visible.Next is…

Zodiac New Year Kerala: Vishu 2008

Vishu is the astronomical or zodiac New Year in Kerala. It is observed by Malayalis around the world and falls on the first day of the Malayalam month Medam (April-May). In 2008, the date of Vishu is April 14. There is a widespread belief among Malayali Hindus that the fortunes of the coming year depends on what one sees first on the Vishu day. Therefore people open their eyes on Vishu day before the Vishukani. Opening the eyes before ‘Vishu Kani’ is known as Kani Kanal – kani means ‘that which is seen first.’ A similar ritual is also observed in Tamil Nadu during Tamil New Year.Vishukani is arranged on the previous night in the puja room or in an ideal space. The viewing of the Vishukani takes place during the Brahma Muhurta or ideally between 0400 hrs and 0600 hrs.Vishukani consists of rice, kasavu mundu (traditional cloth of Kerala), gold, silver, coins, mirror (usually Aranmula Kannadi or mirror with a tail), cucumber, mango, jackfruit, coconut, banana, and Kanikonna (yellow flowe…

Sri Chinmoy Quotes on Love

One has to use love, not to bind or possess the world, but to free and widen one's own consciousness and the consciousness of the world.Where there is oneness, it is all pure love.He who does not love life, to him life is a taut and rigid grasp. He who loves life, to him life is a beautiful and powerful clasp.You can easily tell whether your love is vital or pure. When your love is vital, there is a conscious demand, or at least an unconscious expectation from the love you offer to others. When your love is pure or spiritual, there is no demand, no expectation. There is only the sweetest feeling of spontaneous oneness with the human being or beings concerned.Sri Chinmoy