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Krishna, Don’t make me an orphan – A Poem by Mataji Vanamali

O Shoure (Krishna)! Please don’t make me an orphan!
O thou who art the sole support of the abandoned!
Please don’t make me an orphan!

Birth after birth have I wandered through the desert of life,
Searching for Thee,
I’m but an unknown flower, faded and worn,
Unknowingly I have reached thy doorstep,
How can I offer myself to thee?
How can I be used in they puja?
O Shoure! (Krishna)! Help of the helpless!
Please don’t abandon me!

In the carnival of life I missed my way
And fell into a nightmare that lasted for eons!
O Lord of Lakshmi! Wilt thou not stretch thy hand and haul me to the shore?
O Ocean of compassion! Wilt thou not come running to save me?

O thou delight of my eyes!
Thou alone art my mother, husband, friend and relation,
No sons or grandsons do I have other than thee!
Having given up all my blood relations,
I have sought refuge at thy feet alone,
Will thou not accept me O Beloved Vanamali,
Wilt thou not come running to me, my darling Vanamali!

Mataji Vanamali