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Google Says Official Website of Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple Might Harm Your Computer

Google warns that the official website of TirumalaTirupatiBalajiTemple might harm your computer. The website in question is – which is visited by thousands of people daily. The web site of Tirupati online services is working fine.(Click on the image for a larger view)You will be able to see the warning, if you try to access the website through Google search. On clicking the search link, it goes to another warning page, which says you can visit the website at your own risk. There is also a message for the webmaster to ask Google to review the website.(Click on the image for a larger view)Incidentally, the official website of TirumalaTirupatiBalajiTemple underwent a design change a couple of months back. But it was later restored to its original design. Interestingly, when Google is saying that the website is harmful, McAfee SiteAdvisor finds no problem with the website.Currently, the website is inaccessible. It seems the Tirupati officials have no…

Pearls of Wisdom: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

You reject something, but if you reject it without anger it is not bondage; if you reject something with anger, then that is bondage. You receive some, and when you receive: "Oh, oh, oh!" you are excited about it, then that is bondage. Whatever is done with anger or excitement makes a strong impression in the mind and that becomes a bondage.Look into the motives behind your actions. Often you don't go for things you really want. You go to things because others would want you to or because of what others would say, think, or do about it.The culmination of worship is self-knowledge, SamadhiSri Sri Ravi Shankar