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Ramayana Related Sites in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to several places associated with the Hindu epic Ramayana. Lanka was the kingdom of Ravana, the demon king. Lanka witnessed some of the most awe inspiring incidents in the Ramayana after Ravana kidnapped Mata Sita and brought her to Lanka. The search for Sita brought, Lord Ram, Lakshman and the Vanara Sena (Monkey Army) led by Sugriva and Hanuman to Lanka.
In Hinduism, Ramayana and Mahabharata are ‘ithihasas’ (history). So it is only natural to stumble upon places mentioned in the Ramayana. In the modern day Sri Lanka, there are several sites which aptly fit into the descriptions found in the Ramayana.
After Kidnapping Sita, Ravana took her to Seetakotuwa or Sitakotuwa. The place was then known as Goorulupota. It is believed that Mandodari, the wife of Ravana and the Queen of Lanka lived here. Seetakotuwa is about 10 km from Mahiyangana and ruins of a prosperous city can be found here.
In the Ramayana, Sita was held captive in the Ashoka Vana (forest) and this plac…

Sayings of Anandamayi Ma

One is born to experience various kinds of joys and sorrows according to one's desire. For the time being, God comes to you in the disguise of suffering. He is purifying you in this manner. The suffering is for your own best. A mother gives a slap to her beloved child for its own good, in order to keep it on the right path. When a fond mother gives her baby a bath, the child may scream desperately, yet the mother will not let the baby go until she has thoroughly washed and scrubbed him.Who is it that loves and who that suffers? He alone stages a play with Himself. The individual suffers because he perceives duality. Find the One everywhere and in everything and there will be an end to pain and suffering.Anandamayi Ma

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