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Without desire for fruits of actions, will one be motivated to act?

Intellectuals raise the question: If one does not desire the fruits of action, will he be motivated to act?
In response to this question, the sages who have trodden the path and graciously left their
footprints for us to follow have said: Have a desire so that you perform the action, but do not have a selfish desire, for selfish desire is the very source of misery, but selfless desire
brings joy and makes you free.
When surrendering the fruits of actions becomes the basis of one's life, he knows nothing but giving. And at that stage further knowledge is not needed, for one has already attained the goal of life. He realizes his oneness and lives in that realization. Therefore, give up all the fruits of your actions to others and live in perennial happiness.Swami Rama(Source: Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita by Swami Rama)