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Ramayana Research Institute in Guwahati, Assam

The Ramayana Research Institute in Guwahati, Assam, is being set up at the residence of renowned Assamese writer and Jnanpith Award winner Indira Goswami. Asom Kalatirtha will be supporting this unique endeavor. The institute will be declared open on January 20, 2008.‘At the beginning two students – from anywhere in the world – will be admitted for research work on the epic,’ Goswami told PTI over phone. (The Hindu)Goswami has approached the state government of Assam seeking sponsorship of scholarships for the researchers and the state has responded positively. There are also plans to get affiliation for the Institute with the GuwahatiUniversity.Indiran Goswami is noted for her Ramayana studies and has presented papers on the epic in India and in several countries around the world. She has a PhD from GuwahatiUniversity for her thesis ‘Comparative Study of Goswami Tulsi Das' Ramcharita Manas and Madhab Kandali's Assamese Ramayana’.Some of her well known papers and works on Ra…

On Silence

Silence provides the opportunity for me to identify the qualities in myself that have the capacity to transform me. In silence I can connect to the highest quality of my lightest, clearest thinking.Silence is not a lack of communication. There is a subtle language that connects us to one another through the eyes, with a smile, or a gesture. Fluency in this subtle language calls for our ability to observe the small details of life. As we develop our facility with this subtle language, we find that we are less dependent on the mechanical devices that can connect us but that can also make us feel more separate.In silence I discover my innate qualities, the qualities that are intrinsic to who I am. Here in silence I touch my eternal self, and I come to trust this deepest essence.BK Mohini Panjabi(Source: BK Mohini Panjabi is the Brahma Kumaris Main Representative to the United Nations and she shared these ideas at a Call-of-the-Time Dialogue in Uruguay in 2001.)