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Devaprasnam in Kerala Temples

Devaprasnam is an astrological ritual performed in the temples in Kerala primarily to know the ‘divine opinion’ regarding the functioning of the temple. A chief astrologer selected by the temple authorities decides the time and method of the Devaprasnam ritual. The divine opinion too is revealed by the chief astrologer.Thought of a Devaprasnam arises when there are difficulties in the day-to-day functioning of the temple and when corrupt practices are noticed in a temple. Devaprasnam also suggests solutions for the problems faced by the temple. There are several variations in the Devaprasnam ritual and the most famous one performed in major Kerala temples is the Ashtamangalya Devaprasnam. There are numerous rituals associated with the Devaprasnam and also there are several astrological calculations involved in the ritual. The astrological ritual is usually performed by a senior most astrologer, who is widely respected in the field. The prasnam is usually headed by the main astrologer …

Hindu Faith in Politics and Governance

Gandhi an example of Hindu faith in politics’ is an article written by Shreyas Limaye in The Daily, Washington. As the title suggests, the article talks about core values attached to Hinduism and the role these values had played in Indian politics and governance. Some excerpts from the articleA devout Hindu himself, Mahatma Gandhi turned to religion to instill inner strength and courage among his followers and to lead them in the struggle against the British colonial rulers of India.…Hinduism suggests a four-fold path encompassing realization of both material as well as spiritual values (purushartha). Dharma, artha, kama and moksha are the four ideals a Hindu attempts to achieve in life. Artha and kama are attaining livelihood and fulfillment of pleasures in life. Dharma is the way of living a moral, just and disciplined life whereas moksha is the ultimate goal of spiritual liberation of soul.Dharma is not a rigid code of conduct. Within a general framework of moral values, dharma is…

Science behind Hindu Fire Walking Ritual

Many devotees who partake in Hindu fire walking ritual do not get burned. There is also a popular belief that those who are blessed by Amman will not suffer burns. But in normal case, if a person walks on fire he/she will suffer burns. So what saves these ardent devotees of ‘Amman’? Coal from wood has less thermal capacity. This means less heat is transferred to the feet while walking on fire.The period of contact between burning coal and feet is for a very short period. Many people walk briskly.The bed of burning coal is different from a metal sheet and there are numerous pores or vacant areas in a bed of coal.The bed of burning coal is not a hard surface like a sheet of metal or road, as a person walks the coal displaces.The ash from the coal acts as an insulator. The thick layer of ash on the coal bed is often hidden as the ritual is performed at night. The same bed of burning coal when viewed at day time will clearly show a layer of ash.Many people believe that the entire exercis…

Fire Walking Ritual in Hinduism

Fire walking is an important ritual practiced by certain sections of Hindu society. The ritual involves walking over a bed of coals. The ritual is known as thimithi and is mainly practiced by Hindus in South India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and South Africa. The ritual is primarily dedicated to ‘Amman’ – an important female deity associated with Shakti cult in South Indian and Tamil Culture.

The fire walking ritual is an act of self-purification. For some devotees it is part of a vow in which the devotee promises to walk on fire in exchange for a wish or blessing granted by Amman. Devotees believe that if they are blessed by Amman then they will come out unscathed. Fire walking is also part of Theyyam dance ritual in Northern Kerala.
Interestingly, in some areas Thimethippu or Thimeethi (fire walking) is referred as Poo Methippu or Pomethipu (flower walking). The name due to the orange color of coal, which looks like flowers. The ritual is mainly performed by men. Some men ca…

Stick fight ritual at Mala Malleswara Swamy temple in Devaragattu, Andhra Pradesh

Brutal stick fight is an unusual ritual observed Mala Malleswara Swamy temple at Devaragattu near Aluru in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. The ritual is part of banni procession held on Dasara or Dusshera. Bloodshed, injuries and death due to this ritual is a common occurrence.Around 20 villages in the region take part in the ritual. The villagers divide themselves into groups and try to carry away the idols of Mala Malleswara Swamy temple to their village. The weapon used to attack and defend is stick. The victorious village will take the idols of Mala Maleswara Swamy temple to their village and conduct pujas and return the idol to the temple. Officials have been trying hard to put and end to the ritual but all their efforts have failed and the ritual was held this year too. But the district administration has been able to bring down the intensity of the fight and this year there was very few injuries. Dear reader sex is part of life and Santana Dharma does not consider discussin…

Mondays of Kartik Month Dedicated to Lord Shiva – Kartik Mahina Somvar Vrat

Mondays in the Hindu month of Kartik (October – November) are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shiva devotees observe the Kartik Monday Vrat or fasting. Early morning dip in Yamuna River and Ganga River is considered highly meritorious.
The Mondays in the month is also highly auspicious for Lord Vishnu devotees and is known as Kartika Damodara. But generally the Mondays in the month Kartik are noted for Lord Shiva worship. Many people make it a point to visit Lord Shiva shrines on the Mondays of the month.
The importance of Somavar Vrat in mentioned in the Skanda Purana and is performed for the well-being of the family.
Those undertaking the Karti Somavar Vrat do not consume food after sunrise. Some people opt for a liquid diet or fruit diet and others go for the traditional strict fasting of without food.
Puja is performed early in the morning. The puja begins with prayer to Lord Ganesh. A picture of Lord Shiva or Shivling is used for the prayer. It must be noted here that according to Hind…

Ramayana Comic from Thailand

In the recently concluded Frankfurt Book Fair 2007, Amarin, a publishing house from Thailand, received a lot of international attention for its comic version of the sacred Hindu epic, ‘The Ramayana.’ It seems the original Ramayana has been re-interpreted to adapt the needs of modern day western comic readers. The covers of the comic displayed on Amarin website indicates that Rama and Demons have got a modern look and are quite similar to the heroes and villains that we find in X-men, Superman and other modern comics. The summary provided in the website suggests that there has been no re-interpretation of the original story. The only change that is happening is in illustrations mainly in the way in which backgrounds, villains and heroes are depicted.

Sayings of Rameshbhai Oza

Life should be dynamic, full of movement, flowing endlessly like the mighty Ganges. Life's movement should be channeled in the right direction. Life becomes a burden for many people because it has lost its dynamism. For them life is not like a flowing river. It is a static, turbid puddle. Understand that action gives movement to life, knowledge gives it direction and devotion bestows the inspiration to life's journey.Rameshbhai OzaRameshbhai Oza is internationally renowned for his discourse on Shrimad Bhagwadam, Bhagavad Gita, and other Hindu scriptures.

Karva Chauth a Symbol of Love for Modern Professional Women

Ever wondered how a modern professional woman views the Karva Chauth vrat or fasting ritual? Some women see this fasting for the wellbeing of the husband as servitude. Many modern women don’t agree to the traditional ideas associated with Karwa Chauth but instead they see the whole ritual as a symbol of love. In a thought provoking article in the Washington Post Anu Kumar, a vice president of marketing with Bank of America, shares her thoughts on Karva Chauth and why she observes the ritual. Some excerpts from the articleTradition says if a wife eats before moonrise during Karwa Chauth, her husband may die. Not that any of these modern, professional women believe that, but still...…I still treasured the memories of Karwa Chauth. But I began to feel conflicted, too. I was in college -- emboldened to reassess old beliefs and assumptions -- when I first questioned the servility implied by this holiday. Indian women have a reputation for submission to their husbands as it is, and this tra…

Carl Sagan on Hinduism

Hinduism is the only ancient religious tradition on the Earth which talks about the right time-scale. In the West, people have the sense that what is natural is for the universe to be a few thousand years old, and that billions are numbers no one can understand. The Hindu concept is very clear. Here is a great world culture which has always talked about billions of years.

Carl Sagan (1934-1996), American Astrophysicist


Carl Sagan on the Hindu concept of beginning and end of universe

Tayumanavar Quotes

It is easy to tame the rogue elephant.
It is easy to tie the mouth of a bear.
It is easy to mount the back of a lion.
It is easy to charm poisonous snakes.
It is easy to conquer the celestial and the noncelestial realms.
It is easy to trek the worlds invisible.
It is easy to command the angelic heavens.
It is easy to retain youth eternally.
It is easy to enter the body of others.
It is easy to walk on water and sit in burning fire.
It is easy to attain all of the siddhis (yogic powers).
But to remain still is very, very difficult indeed.
When is the day to be
That I attain the Supreme Bliss
Which devotees true, all, attained,
Whom neither Good nor Evil ever sought.Tayumanavar (1706-1744), Tamil saint, mystic and poet

Becoming Hindu Priests

Young Hindu boys getting trained to become priests in a School of Vedas in New Delhi is discussed intelligently by Rama Lakshmi in this article in the Washington Post. The residential VedicSchool is located in a busy area in Delhi and here amidst all distractions of materialism, the young boys are studying to become a link in an unbroken tradition whose exact origin is yet to be pinpointed.The day for this young priest trainees begin at 4:45 AM
Rama Lakshmi writesSriram Sharma, a thin 13-year-old with large eyes and a shy smile, folds his sheet and mat and stacks them on the open stone shelf on the wall. He then steps tentatively into the cold shower and comes out shivering and chanting under his breath. Sriram has lived at the school for more than two years, memorizing and reciting the hymns from the Hindu religion's oldest texts, called the Vedas. After six more years of training at the School of Vedas, he will become a Hindu priest who can perform prayer rituals involving fi…

Kalabau on the Maha Saptami of Durga Puja

On the Saptami Day of the Durga Puja, a Banana or Plantain tree is taken to a nearby pond or river and is cleaned and decorated like a bride. Special pujas are done by priests and this banana tree is referred as ‘Kolabau’ or ‘Kola Bou.’ Kalabau is considered to be the bride of Lord Ganesha. The ritual is also referred as Nabapatrika and many people do not appreciate Kalabau being referred as the bride of Ganesha. Many feel origin of Nabapatrika practice can be traced to the agrarian society of East India. The Nabapatrika consists of nine leaves and they are used in the ritual.The Kalabau ritual is an elaborate one and the stem of the banana tree is draped in a sari and the leaves are left uncovered. The ‘kolabau’ is brought back in a procession and it is placed near Lord Ganesha in the Durga puja pandal.

Guru Nityachaitanya Yati Quotes

If there is a spiritual teaching which is beneficial to people, it should be beneficial when one sits in a closed room where there is no one to offend him and it should be beneficial right in the market place where he is confronted by so many problems and people. All through he should be able to keep up his spiritual light as his eternal guide, under all circumstances, in all places, and in all kinds of social and nonsocial situations. Otherwise I do not see any value to that wisdom.

Buddhi, or the intellect, is the greatest friend to take us up to the door of realization. And then it becomes the greatest stumbling block. It won't leave you, it holds on to you, making demands for one more logical ramification. And thus you are caught by the very reason that was helping you to come that far. For this reason Shankara and Narayana Guru have called it the grandham; grandham is a grandhi which means that a book becomes a binding knot.

The scripture itself, which is meant to guide, fin…

Is Durga Puja Performed at Home?

Why is Durga Puja not performed at home? Why is Durga Puja a community affair? How to perform Durga Puja at Home? These are some of questions for which people are trying to find answers. Firstly, Durga Puja is largely a community festival. It is today more of a social event even though the festival has religious roots. The entire community in an area pays homage to Goddess Durga on the day through the community pujas. This does not mean that Durga Puja is not held at home. Zamindari households perform Durga Puja at home. Even today there are several Zamindari households which maintain the tradition of performing Durga Puja.Elaborate rituals are the main reason for not performing Durga Puja at home. A Priest is a must for performing the elaborate rituals. It is very hard to get a priest during Durga Puja period. Many Durga Puja committees are finding it difficult to get a qualified priest during the puja period.Durga Puja idols are huge and they are costly too. Miniature Durga idols ar…

A list of Popular Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata in 2007

The Durga Puja Pandal themes in 2007 in Kolkata have garnered worldwide attraction thanks to the Durga Puja Harry Potter Pandal controversy. Traditionalists scoff at the Durga Puja theme but major puja committees in Kolkata compete against each other to attract the maximum crowd. The healthy competition among the Puja Pandals create a treat for the eye to see something totally unexpected; at times some forgotten page from India’s history and other times touching some burning issues.There are no criteria for this list. It is purely based on unique themes and that are attracting attention of people and media.The Durga Puja pandal at F.D. Block in SaltLake based on the HogwartsCastle pandal, replica of Harry Potter's school of magic, has already become famous and popular due to the 2 million rupees copyright infringement case. This Pandal is being discussed around the world and is sure attract a large crowd. The Suruchi Sangha Puja in New Alipore is based on Gujarat’s famous Bhunga h…

Vivekachudamani Quotes and Teachings

Quotes and teachings from the famous Vivekachudamani text of Adi Shankaracharya.  Vivekachudamani is an important literary work that delves into the Advaita philosophy.
The resting of the mind steadfastly on its Goal (viz. Brahman) after having detached itself from manifold sense-objects by continually observing their defects, is called Shama or calmness. (Verse 22) Clouds are brought in by the wind and again driven away by the same agency. Similarly, man’s bondage is caused by the mind, and Liberation too is caused by that alone. (Verse 172) The dull-witted man thinks he is only the body; the book-learned man identifies himself with the mixture of body and soul. But the sage, possessed of realization through discrimination, looks upon the eternal Atman as his Self and thinks, “I am Brahman (the Self of all)”. (Verse 160) The pain of something like a weight on the head can be removed by others, but the pain of things like hunger can be put an end to by no-one but oneself. A sick man is…

Navratri Dandiya Raas and Sex

For the past couple of years, newspapers and visual media have been reporting about the rise in the sexual activity during Navaratri Dandiya Ras in Gujarat. In the past week, this blog has attracted several visitors on the topic even though the Dandia Ras related post had nothing to do with sex. So what’s the whole issue of this Dandiya Sex? Young boys and girls make use of the freedom they get during the Navratri nights to indulge in sex. The Dandiya dance goes on till midnight and into the wee hours of the morning. And it is no more a secret that a minority of teenagers make use of freedom provided by the religious festival to indulge in sex with their girlfriends. Reports appearing the newspapers and visual media suggest that there is an increase of 25 to 30% condom sale during the Navratri period in the cities in Gujarat. Hotels too make huge profits during the period as room rates for an hour ranges from Rupees 200 to 500. There is also a rise in the number of abortions in Guja…

Official Website of Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain

The famous Lord Shiva temple in Ujjain now has an official website. The MahakaleshwarTemple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, is one among the twelve Jyotirlingas and is also famous for the Kumbha Mela.
The Mahakaleshwar website has a Hindi and English version and the front page has a slide show of the famous Shivling of Ujjain. There is also soothing bhajan in the background. 
If you are using a dial-up internet connection, then you will have to be a bit patient as the web site will take some time to load. 
You will need Shockwave Flash Embedder installed to view the slide show.
The official website is

Join the Stand Up Speak Out Against Poverty and Inequality Campaign

Stand Up and Speak Out is a global movement of citizens who are demanding an end to poverty. On October 16-17, 2007 the world will literally and symbolically Stand Up and Speak Out to demand our governments live up to their promise to end poverty once and for all. Stand Up and Speak Out is a joint initiative of the United Nations Millennium Campaign and the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP).Last year, 23 million people joined together from over 100 countries and set a Guinness World Record. Here is a short video of last year’s program with a message from Sri Sri Ravishankar on the importance of this year’s campaign.How to Be Counted on Oct 16-17Have someone read the Stand UP and Speak Out Pledge (available on everyone to kneel or crouch down.Then ask everyone to STAND UP. Count all the people and report the number on or picture or videos and upload them to the website of these organization…

Navratri is Dashain in Nepal

The nine-day Navratri festival that is celebrated by Indian Hindus is popularly known as Dashain in Nepal. In 2017, Dashain begins on September 21. The myth behind the celebration and the period are the same as Navratri but the method of celebration differs largely. There are several unique rituals associated with Dashain.

The first day of Dashain, that is the first day of Navratri, is known as Ghatasthapana. As the name indicates, a pot or kalash with an image of Goddess Durga is installed in the house on the day. The pot or kalash is filled with water and is covered with cow dung and seeds are sown on the dung. The pot is kept on a sand bed and seeds are sown on this too.
Special pujas are conducted on the pot and water is sprinkled daily. The room where kalash is kept is known as Dashain Ghar. Several beds of the plant are made as they are distributed on the Vijayadashami day.
By the tenth day, the seeds sown on the kalash will grow into small plants of four or five inches. This …

Harry Potter Theme Durga Puja Pandal in Kolkata in Legal Trouble

Copyright infringement has been slapped on a Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata modeled on Hogwarts castle in Harry Potter. The Pandal is coming up at FD Block in SaltLake, Kolkata, West Bengal. A Pandal is a temporary structure erected during Pujas and celebrations in India. The most famous Pandals are those erected during Ganesh festival and Durga Puja. Usually, the pandals are based on a theme and will have images of deities and space for worship.The complaint of copyright infringement has been filed in Delhi High Court and in the name of the plaintiff; the name given is that of J.K. Rowling and others. The puja committee and the decorators have to appear in person on Friday before the court. It looks like Penguin, distributor of Harry Potter books in India, had filed the case.The Telegraph Calcutta reportsThe 394-page summons, delivered to the puja committee by a Sealdah court official, states that the defendants can carry out the puja with a Harry Potter theme by paying Rs 20 lakh (2…

What to do on Navratri?

How to celebrate Navratri? Or What to do on Navratri? These questions have no straightforward answer. Simply because Navratri is observed differently by Hindus in various parts of India and around the world. The myth for celebrating this unique Hindu festival remains the same but the way it is observed is different.
Rituals during this period are primarily dedicated to Mother Goddess - Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. The most important is the Navratri Fasting. The festivities take place largely on the 10th day that is the Vijayadashami day which is also celebrated as Dusshera. In Bengal, the festivities take place for four days.
Starting from South, Navratri in Kerala is largely dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi and people observe the Navratri fast. Classical musical concerts are organized by various temples, associations and organizations. The most famous being the Navratri concert in Trivandrum. The highlight of Navratri in Kerala is the Ayudha Puja and Vidyarambham ritual – introducin…

Online Puja and Prayers at Madurai Meenakshi Temple

The world famous MaduraiMeenakshiTemple has started e-pooja through their website and thus making it possible for devotees to offer pujas from the comfort of their homes to Goddess Meenakshi of Madurai. The website contains a section dedicated to online puja. A devotee has to register with the website to offer the e-puja. The registration process is simple – a valid email id, address, phone number and other personal information like rasi, star, gothram etc. Once registered, the website will send a verification email to activate the account.The poojas that can be offered online are Pathra Kali Abhishekam, Ahora Veerabhadhrar Abhishekam, Mukkurini Vinayakar Abhishekam, Dhakshina Moorthi Abhishekam, Mahalakshmi Abhishekam, Durgai Abhishekam and Swami and Meenakshi amman abhishekam. Price of the abhishekams range from 550 rupees to 1000 rupees.Devotees can also buy the famous sandalwood paste of Madurai Meenakshi temple. Saraswathy Sandal Paste, Durgai Sandal Paste,…

Dusshera Festival at Calton Hill in Edinburgh Scotland

The Dusshera Festival in Scotland is noted for the colorful Ramlila parade and the burning of the huge effigies of ten-headed Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarna and Meghanad, son of Ravan. Another interesting aspect is that the huge effigies of the demons are made by the inmates at Saughton Prison in Scotland. Dusshera or Dasara, which celebrates the victory of Lord Ram over Ravana, symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

It is a Herculean task to move the 40 feet high and 6 feet wide effigies from the prison to Calton Hill, where it will be burned. Transporting the effigies and the wind at Calton Hill are the main concern areas. Below is the image of the effigies in 2006. The effigies were normally made by Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop but in 2006 it was made by the inmates at Saughton Prison due to funding problems. The amazing work done by the prisoners prompted the organizers to approach the prison authorities this year too. The festival is organized by the Scottish Indian Arts Forum.…

Alpana – the white patterns or designs in Bengal

The unique white designs in the houses in Bengal and those drawn during festivals, pujas, marriages and vrats attract even a casual onlooker. The white designs known as Alpana are found on the patio, floors and walls and on large pots and vessels. Rice, the staple food of Bengal, is the medium used in Alpana and the motifs are created mainly by women. The technique of painting using the white flour is referred as gunrichitra or dhulichitra. The designs are quite similar to the kolams or rangoli in South India.

The white paste created from rice symbolically represents wealth, prosperity and grace or Goddess Lakshmi. The motifs primarily consists of flowers, fruits, leaves, branches, vegetables and other ideas handed down through generations and those inspired by Mother Nature.
How to make the powder for Alpana? ‘Atap’ rice, non-parboiled form of rice, is used to make the powder. The short-grained variety of ‘Atap’ is the widely used one. The rice is soaked in water to soften for 5…

BAPS Swaminarayan Centenary Celebrations in Britain live online

There will be a live webcast of the BAPS Swaminarayan Centenary Celebrations taking place at the Wembley Arena, United Kingdom, on October 7, 2007 from 5.00pm to 8.00 PM (BST). The celebrations of the 100 years of BAPS will be taking place in the presence of Pramukh Swami Maharaj. The slogan of the hundredth anniversary – In the joy of others – a century of values and services to society. BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS), formally established in 1907, is a worldwide community-based spiritual organization. In the UK, BAPS is respected as one of the largest and most active Hindu groups among the Indian diaspora. The internationally acclaimed BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden, London is the nerve center of the activities of BAPS in United Kingdom. The main program of the centenary celebrations is at the Wembley Arena on October 7, 2007. Celebrations are from 1700 hrs to 2000 hrs (British Time). Entry to the Arena is from 1530 hrs and is free. Entry passes are available in all BA…

Dalits Enter Temples in Tamil Nadu with the help of Communist Party of India

It is a shame on Hinduism and Hindus that there exists Hindu Temples still in independent India that denies entry to certain sections of Hindu society, especially to Dalits. The monstrous practice of caste system does not end there; even today, some tea shops and hotels in India maintain separate cups for Dalits. The Tamil Nadu unit of the Communist Party of India Marxist (CPI-M) as part of its ‘temple entry’ campaign programme entered several temples in the State which denied entry to the Dalits.CPI-M along with Dalits entered the BhadraKaliAmmanTemple in Ayakudi near Palani in Dindigul District and the TirugnaneeshwararTemple in Thamaraipakkam village near Tiruvannamalai. They also broke the two tumbler system – giving tea in separate cups one for Dalits and another for upper caste Hindus. CPI-M might be playing politics with the Dalit entry; but the fact that such derogatory practice still exists in Hindu society cannot be denied. Such forceful entries into Hindu temples denying en…

Durga Puja Mahalaya

Mahalaya is observed seven days before the Durga Puja festivities begin. In 2017, Mahalaya is on September 19 (in Bengali Calendars). It heralds the advent of Goddess Durga to earth. Mahalaya marks the beginning of ‘Devipaksha’ and the countdown to Durga Puja. The day also marks the end of the Pitr Paksha in North India.
Mahalaya is basically an invitation for Goddess Durga to descend on to the earth. The day is spent in chanting mantras and singing bhajans. The most famous being the – ‘Jago Tumi Jago.’ The Chandi Kavya or Chandi Stotram is recited on the day.
Mahalaya is also the last day of the Pitru Paksha. Prayers are offered to dead ancestors on this day during pre-dawn hours through the Tarpan ritual.

Shree Ram Mandir Staten Island New York Location and Address

Shree Ram Mandir, also known as the Staten Island Hindu temple, is located at1318 Victory Blvd, Sunnyside, New York10301. The temple is dedicated to Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram and his ardent devotee Lord Hanuman. The temple also has idols of Lakshman, Mata Sita, Lord Ganesh and Lord Venkateswara.The Mandir is opposite to War Memorial Skating Rink in Cloves Lake Parks on Victory Blvd in Sunnyside, Staten Island.AddressStaten IslandHinduTemple
1318 Victory Blvd
Staten Island, NY10301(718) 727-5151 Location on Google Map

Bhagavad Gita Ringtones in India

Mauj Mobile is now offering shlokas from the Bhagavad Gita as Ringtones and a Gita sholka every day as SMS in the ‘shloka of the day’ category. The Bhagavad Gita Sholkas are available in Text, Full track song, MP3 tones, True tones and SMS tones. Mauj Mobile is offering 108 shlokas from this widely read Hindu religious scripture.Customers can set their favorite cloak to mobile set as their Background Music, Ringtone, Caller Tune or Alarm Alert. Customers can also send these shlokas as a Voice or a normal SMS. And those who would like to get a shloka as an outbound call every morning, Mauj Mobile provides an Interactive Voice Response feature at a subscription of Rs 30/- per month.For a shloka from the Bhagvad Geeta, SMS geeta to 57007. Initially, the Shlokas will be recited in Sanskrit followed by their meaning in Hindi.

Comic Book on Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu from Virgin Comics

The comic book on the Narasimha incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu is the latest offering from Virgin Comics in a series on Hindu Mythology. It is the sixth book on the India Authentic series by Deepak Chopra for Virgin Comics. India authentic series concentrates on the popular gods in Hinduism. As in all previous issues, it looks like that the highlight this time around too will be the awe-inspiring Virgin Illustrations. An introduction to the Narasimha comic found in Virgin Comics“Wherever there is a decay in morality and those that walk the straight and narrow path are tormented, I shall manifest myself as a champion of Dharma” – That is the promise of Vishnu, The Preserver of the Holy Trinity.In an ancient age, a vicious demon overlord rises supreme in the ranks of Gods and Demons alike. Empowered by a boon of near immortality, he can be slayed by neither mortal, nor God, nor beast. As he arrogantly embarks on a bloody campaign to persecute the people of Earth, the tormented mas…

Bhagavad Gita and Wealth Creation

Bhagavad Gita and money and Hindu spirituality and wealth creation are still perceived as odd combinations and it often raises several eyebrows. If a Hindu wants to take the spiritual path, the first advice is 'give away all your money and wealth and head towards the Himalayas.' Who needs money in a HimalayanCave? But to be spiritually oriented and to live in a society we need money and we need to generate wealth. Generating wealth through hard work is not a sin. But money is like water. Water is essential for survival but it can also drown the life it sustains.
Bhagavad Gita helps us in striking a balance – it shows us how to create wealth, enjoy it and not to drown in it.
To create wealth the brain has to be challenged continuously and we have to put to use it in family, society, market and in business deals. Family, community, and business are all realities and when faced with these realities many begin to tremble. Qualifications and abilities melt and many resign to a qui…