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Science behind Hindu Fire Walking Ritual

Many devotees who partake in Hindu fire walking ritual do not get burned. There is also a popular belief that those who are blessed by Amman will not suffer burns. But in normal case, if a person walks on fire he/she will suffer burns. So what saves these ardent devotees of ‘Amman’?

  1. Coal from wood has less thermal capacity. This means less heat is transferred to the feet while walking on fire.
  2. The period of contact between burning coal and feet is for a very short period. Many people walk briskly.
  3. The bed of burning coal is different from a metal sheet and there are numerous pores or vacant areas in a bed of coal.
  4. The bed of burning coal is not a hard surface like a sheet of metal or road, as a person walks the coal displaces.
  5. The ash from the coal acts as an insulator. The thick layer of ash on the coal bed is often hidden as the ritual is performed at night. The same bed of burning coal when viewed at day time will clearly show a layer of ash.
  6. Many people believe that the entire exercise of fire walking is in the mind. Focus and courage are the two important aspects that help a person come out of the fire ritual unscathed.

It must be noted that several people get burned during fire walking ritual and it is better not practiced.