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Ramayana Comic from Thailand

In the recently concluded Frankfurt Book Fair 2007, Amarin, a publishing house from Thailand, received a lot of international attention for its comic version of the sacred Hindu epic, ‘The Ramayana.’ It seems the original Ramayana has been re-interpreted to adapt the needs of modern day western comic readers. The covers of the comic displayed on Amarin website indicates that Rama and Demons have got a modern look and are quite similar to the heroes and villains that we find in X-men, Superman and other modern comics. The summary provided in the website suggests that there has been no re-interpretation of the original story. The only change that is happening is in illustrations mainly in the way in which backgrounds, villains and heroes are depicted.

Sayings of Rameshbhai Oza

Life should be dynamic, full of movement, flowing endlessly like the mighty Ganges. Life's movement should be channeled in the right direction. Life becomes a burden for many people because it has lost its dynamism. For them life is not like a flowing river. It is a static, turbid puddle. Understand that action gives movement to life, knowledge gives it direction and devotion bestows the inspiration to life's journey.Rameshbhai OzaRameshbhai Oza is internationally renowned for his discourse on Shrimad Bhagwadam, Bhagavad Gita, and other Hindu scriptures.