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Kalabau on the Maha Saptami of Durga Puja

On the Saptami Day of the Durga Puja, a Banana or Plantain tree is taken to a nearby pond or river and is cleaned and decorated like a bride. Special pujas are done by priests and this banana tree is referred as ‘Kolabau’ or ‘Kola Bou.’ Kalabau is considered to be the bride of Lord Ganesha. The ritual is also referred as Nabapatrika and many people do not appreciate Kalabau being referred as the bride of Ganesha. Many feel origin of Nabapatrika practice can be traced to the agrarian society of East India. The Nabapatrika consists of nine leaves and they are used in the ritual.The Kalabau ritual is an elaborate one and the stem of the banana tree is draped in a sari and the leaves are left uncovered. The ‘kolabau’ is brought back in a procession and it is placed near Lord Ganesha in the Durga puja pandal.

Guru Nityachaitanya Yati Quotes

If there is a spiritual teaching which is beneficial to people, it should be beneficial when one sits in a closed room where there is no one to offend him and it should be beneficial right in the market place where he is confronted by so many problems and people. All through he should be able to keep up his spiritual light as his eternal guide, under all circumstances, in all places, and in all kinds of social and nonsocial situations. Otherwise I do not see any value to that wisdom. Buddhi, or the intellect, is the greatest friend to take us up to the door of realization. And then it becomes the greatest stumbling block. It won't leave you, it holds on to you, making demands for one more logical ramification. And thus you are caught by the very reason that was helping you to come that far. For this reason Shankara and Narayana Guru have called it the grandham; grandham is a grandhi which means that a book becomes a binding knot. The scripture itself, which is meant to guide, final…