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Mata Amritanandamayi on the Hindu concept of Shraddha

The meaning of ‘shraddha’ is to be constantly aware. But this is only possible when you are relaxed. A tense, agitated person, who is constantly thinking about his failures in life, cannot be watchful, nor can he be fully aware of the present moment. It is the same with a person who keeps dreaming about the future. Both of these moods will make you inert; you lose your creativity and cannot be productive. Relaxation, however, will enhance your awareness and bring out your real being. Only a relaxed person can be ever watchful and aware.Children, the whole of spirituality can be put into one word, and that is shraddha (loving faith and alertness). Shraddha is the unconditional faith the disciple has in the words of the Master or in the scriptural dictums. The Master's words are in full accord with the words of the scriptures. In fact, a true Master's words are verily the scriptures. A disciple who is endowed with such faith will be constantly watchful of his mind and thoughts. …