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Comic Book on Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu from Virgin Comics

The comic book on the Narasimha incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu is the latest offering from Virgin Comics in a series on Hindu Mythology. It is the sixth book on the India Authentic series by Deepak Chopra for Virgin Comics. India authentic series concentrates on the popular gods in Hinduism. As in all previous issues, it looks like that the highlight this time around too will be the awe-inspiring Virgin Illustrations. An introduction to the Narasimha comic found in Virgin Comics“Wherever there is a decay in morality and those that walk the straight and narrow path are tormented, I shall manifest myself as a champion of Dharma” – That is the promise of Vishnu, The Preserver of the Holy Trinity.In an ancient age, a vicious demon overlord rises supreme in the ranks of Gods and Demons alike. Empowered by a boon of near immortality, he can be slayed by neither mortal, nor God, nor beast. As he arrogantly embarks on a bloody campaign to persecute the people of Earth, the tormented mas…

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Hinduism

Dr S Radhakrishnan: What is your religion? Mahatma Gandhiji: My religion is Hinduism which, for me, is the religion of humanity and includes the best of all religions known to me.
Dr S Radhakrishnan: How are you led to it? Mahatma Gandhi: I take it that the present tense in this question has been purposely used, instead of the past. I am led to my religion through truth and non-violence. I often describe my religion as religion of truth. Of late, instead of saying God is Truth, I have been saying, Truth is God... Denial of Truth we have not known... We are all sparks of Truth. The sum total of these sparks is indescribable, as yet unknown Truth, which is God; I am daily led nearer to it by constant prayer.
Dr S Radhakrishnan: What is its bearing on social life? Mahatma Gandhi: The bearing of this religion on social life is, or has to be, seen in one’s daily social contact. To be true to such religion, one has to lose oneself in continuous and continuing service of all in life. Realization …