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Ramachandra Ajja on Who am I?

Who is that energy, that power? What is the source of that? Who am I? What is my source? I am that energy. I am that power which is my source. So when I go to search for the source of this ‘I,’ I reach that self-illumination. Then this power that is existing in this body, residing in this body, is also arising from that self-illumination itself. And it has all the qualities and nature of That itself. So when I know this, I start evolving. This ‘I’ starts evolving to become That itself. That is its nature. Total expansion is its nature.Ramachandra Ajja(Source: From an interview to Andrew Cohen in 'What is Enlightenment Magazine')(Ramchandra Bhat Nettar, also known as ‘Puttur Ajja’ was a preacher of Advaita philosophy.)