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Osho Quotes on Brahman and Ardhanarisvara

It is significant that in Sanskrit the word Brahman or the supreme energy of God, is categorized as neuter gender. Is Brahman male or female? No, it is neutral. …How can the supreme be male or female? That would make Brahman partial. No, the ultimate being is impartial. This impartiality is possible only if the proportion of male and female is fifty-fifty.The concept of ‘Ardhanarisvara’ is the symbol of Brahman, the supreme, because the proportion of male and female in Brahman is fifty-fifty. Brahman is both man and woman, or it is neither.Ardhanarisvara depicts a great psychological truth. This ancient symbol is a blend of male and female energies. One of its sides is feminine and the other is masculine, or you can say it is a blending or the combination of the two. It can also be said to be beyond the two.The concept of God as Ardhanarisvara says that the primeval source of creation is neither male nor female or it is both.