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No Lord Ram – Only a Myth says Indian Government

In an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court of India on the Sethusamudram project, the Congress-led UPA government in India has questioned the existence of Lord Ram and has said he is a mere mythical character. The Indian Central Government to the Supreme Court “…contents of the Valmiki Ramayana, the Ramcharitamanas by Tulsidas and other mythological texts… cannot be said to be historical record to incontrovertibly prove the existence of the characters, or the occurrence of the events, depicted therein.”The statement was given by Archeological Survey of India (ASI) on behalf of the Central Government.In simple terms, the statement of the Congress-led UPA government says that Lord Ram and other Hindu gods are not real. Several countries around the world witnessed large-scale riots over a cartoon badly depicting a Prophet. Thanks to the Hindus, who to a large extend has not taken to religious fundamentalism, there was peace in India after such a blasphemous statement.The government of In…

Lord Ram’s Bridge Issue

In the epic Ramayana, Lord Ram and his monkey army on a mission to save Sita builds a bridge, Ram Sethu, to cross into Lanka. For thousands of years, Ram Sethu remained a Hindu myth and occasionally there were discussions on its existence, especially during the British period. The British called it the Adam’s bridge. Then one fine morning NASA came up with a picture showing a bridge like structure in Palk Strait. But NASA never claimed it was manmade. But a large section of Hindus believe it was built y Lord Ram and Vanarsena (Monkey army).Presently, ships coming from India’s west coast have to navigate around Sri Lanka to reach India’s east coast. From the time of the British, there were discussions to build a canal to link the PalkBay with the Gulf of Mannar between India and Sri Lanka. This will provide a continuous navigable sea route around the Indian peninsula. The NDA government introduced the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project, which proposed to link the PalkBay with the Gu…

Swami Suddhananda Quotes and Teachings

The test of the role that the mind plays in every little action lies in the recognition of the experience the person opens up to himself and surrenders himself totally and unconditionally to love. The test of true love lies in the fact that it is unresponsive to the voice of the mind, dictates of time, and pressures of the world around. This state of surrender to love and awakening to the nature of ones ‘self’ never suffers change.
Every little thing – living or non-living – goes into making the creation complete as long as each thing ‘is’. But the moment it ceases to exist, its absence does not affect the creation at all!

To see the Nature or the creation in its perfect mood as it is, one does not have to be a spectator, but be a part of the grand spectacle of creation. To fall within its vastness in which one is already included and then to glide along even though stationary is to fall into the rhythm that neither pushes nor leaves anything behind.
When you lose yourself in every …