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Professor Tatyana Elizarenkova Russian Scholar on Vedas Dead

Russian Scholar and an expert on Vedas Prof. Tatyana J Elizarenkova died in Moscow at the age of 78. India had honored her with the Padma Shri in 2004 for her contributions in the study of Vedas. She had authored several books on the Vedas including Russian Translation of Rig Veda. Prof. Tatiana Elizarenkova created a storm when she authoritatively claimed that Rig Veda was written somewhere in modern Russia. She said that the Aryans migrated to India and Iran from modern Russia. In the Voronezh region in Russia, she found a burial mound to prove her claims.The burial mound of a warrior in the Voronezh region, south of Moscow, was similar to the description in the Rig Veda. The warrior was buried in accordance with Vedic rites. Most of her books like ‘Language and Style of the Vedic Rsis’ are scholarly in nature.

Pitru Paksha Shraddh – Annual Rituals to Dead Ancestors

Shraddh or Shradh offered during Pitru Paksh (dark fortnight or Krishna Paksha) in the month of Ashwin (September – October) is of great importance in Hindu religion. Shraddh is the ceremonies and rituals performed for the departed souls of dead ancestors. It is believed that the souls will attain peace by the Shraddh rituals performed during the fortnight. In2018, the Shraddh Pitru Paksh begins on September 25 and ends with Mahalaya Pitru Paksha on October 9. Mahalaya Pitru Paksha is on October 9. (You can get Pitru Paksha fortnight 2018 date details in this latest article).

According to Hindu mythology, the Shraddh performed on Ashwin Pitru Paksha reaches the ancestors immediately and their souls will rest in peace. Hindu Puranas are full of details about Shraddh, especially Agni Purana, Garuda Purana and Matysa Purana. It is Yama, the god of death in Hindu mythology, who explained the importance of Shraddh performed on Pitru Paksha.

According to Matysa Pura, Agni, Vasus and Rudr…

Swaminarayan Hindu Temple Atlanta Location

The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Lilburn Atlanta is the largest traditional VedicHinduTemple of stone and marble to be constructed in the United States. It is located at 460 Rockbridge Road NW, Lilburn, GA30047. More details about Atlanta Swaminarayan temple can be found here. Location and Direction of SwaminarayanTemple Lilburn Atlanta on Google Map
The address of Swami Narayan Mandir AtlantaBAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
460 Rockbridge Road NW
Lilburn, GA30047. USA
Tel: (1-404) 297 0501
Fax: (1-404) 297 1834The temple is open from 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs. There are separate idol darshan timings. The temple is open for longer periods during weekends and on festival days.

Artificial Lakes in Mumbai for Ganesh Idol Immersion

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has announced several steps for an eco-friendly Ganesh festival. But sadly the very next day, BMC has taken a U-turn on many eco-friendly Ganesh festival decisions. Now, for an eco-friendly Ganeshotsav, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will provide ‘nirmalya kalash’ (urns to dispose offerings) and artificial lakes for the immersion of Ganesh idols.
This year, BMC is planning to create a ditch of fifteen feet in circumference and fifteen feet deep and water from tankers will be poured into the ditch. The artificial lakes will help in reducing traffic congestion on the immersion day. If the disposal of the water in the artificial lake is handled carefully, it will help in reducing water pollution to a great extent.In 2006, Pestom Sagar Citizens Association had successfully demonstrated the utility of artificial lakes for the immersion of Ganesh idols.RelatedEnvironmental pollution caused by Ganesh Chaturthi festivalEco-friendly Ganesh Idol…