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Sri Sakthi Amma’s Golden Temple in South India

SriLakshmiNarayaniTemple located in Sripuram, a spiritual town, in Thirumalaikkodi, about six km from Vellore in Tamil Nadu is made with 1.5 tonnes of gold. The Golden temple is built by Sri Sakthi Amma, head of the Sri Narayani Peedam, a private religious charitable organization. Don’t be surprised, Sri Sakthi Amma is not a female saint but a 30-year-old man. His devotees address him as Sri Sakthi Amma or Sri Narayani Amma or just Amma. The temple was consecrated on August 24, 2007.The interior and exterior of the ‘vimanam’ and ‘ardha mandapam’ of the SriLakshmiNarayaniTemple have been coated with gold. The temple is located on a 100-acre land and has been built at a cost of Rs. 300 crore (Rupees 3 billion). Sri Sakthi Amma and Sri Narayani Peedam are involved in numerous philanthropic activities but what has made the Hindu Godman popular is the construction of golden temple, which many are indirectly suggesting is an extravaganza in a country where millions starve.According to Sri S…

New York Staten Island Hindu Temple to Install Idols of Lord Ram and Sita

Staten IslandHinduTemple at 1318 Victory Blvd, Sunnyside, New York10301 will be installing the idols of Lord Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman in an elaborate ceremony during this weekend. Also known as Shri Ram Mandir, this Sunnyside Hindu temple will have idols of Lord Venkateswara and Ganesh. The idols were made in India. The idols of Lord Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman are in white marble. Idols of Ganesh and Venkateswara (Lord Balaji) are of black granite.The temple also houses a community hall and kitchen. The temple which opened in 2006 has more than 200 families as its members and during festivals more people from the region visit the temple. Staten IslandHinduTemple also provides facilities for meditation programs, Hindu religion classes and Yoga.