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Tale of an unknown Hare Krishna Vaishnava Devotee who walked all over India

A Hare Krishna Devotee wrote a long comment to the article on the Canadian Hare Krishna monk Swami Bhaktimarga who is undertaking a cross-country walk. The commenter is an American Hare Krishna devotee and he mentions about a Vaishnava devotee he met during his stay in India.While I lived in India 1977-86 I met a Vaishnava devote who at age 80 left home to see if Lord Krishna would take of him as he does all the birds and bees. He was 88 years old when I met him and he had such clear and glossy eyes which were just like Srila Prabhupad’s.I foolishly gave him only a few rupees as I was strictly told by the authorities at that time never to give a farthing away to any body, but I gave him some anyway.

He was so usually clean. His dhoti was spotlessly clean, like a women’s even gown and yet he told me that he often slept a train stations if he didn’t find any place else like a temple, where he usually stayed for not more than three days.He was a beautiful person and he used to draw pictur…

Nature Friendly Paper Pulp Ganesh Idols for Mumbai Ganesh Chaturthi

This year numerous organizations, people and government are laying special emphasis on eco-friendly Ganesh idols. Shri Satguru Aniruddha Upasana Trust (SSAUT), headed by Dr Aniruddha Joshi (popularly known as Bapu), has been creating environment friendly Ganesha idols from paper pulp during the last couple of years. This year the Trust has received over a thousand orders from Mumbai itself. 
The Ganesh idols of Satguru Aniruddha Upasana Trust use papier mache and vegetable paints. Since these idols are made from cheap and natural materials, the cost of a finished 12 feet paper pulp Ganesh idols is less than 1500 rupees. The price of small idols range from Rupees 125 to 600. The workshop of Satguru Aniruddha Upasana Trust (SSAUT) which is involved in making the idols is in Bandra.
The growing number of people opting for eco-friendly Ganesh idols is a clear indication of the success of awareness campaign conducted by individuals and organizations. The BMC has already requested Ganesh C…

Shree Maa Quotes and Teachings

Experience truth for yourself and don’t rely only upon the experiences of others. Truth has only one reference for verification – personal experience.
The ignorant is like a person who is sitting beside a mountain of gold, yet still remains a beggar. When a person has met their guru, and with an open heart allows the guru to show how to see, that person discovers the wealth that is with them, that person is known as wise.
Shree Maa (Source: Shree Maa - The Life of a Saint) Words of wisdom – Unknown Hindu Saint There are numerous Hindu saints who remain unknown or never appears in public. But such people share their wisdom with other saints and true seekers. Here are few such experiences of Shree Maa with unknown saints.

What is the value of a name? It is only an external recognition. We must remember the inner qualities of the people we meet. Even seeing people who dedicate their lives to cultivating divinity is a benefit. You don’t need to recall their names.

Just as when a person …