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Computer Illustration of Angkor Wat Temple In Its Glory

This computer illustration of Angkor Wat at its zenith of glory in the 13th century is from National Geographic. At the time, wooden villages surrounded the temple complex's then gilded towers. Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the largest religious complex in the world and is a UNESCO heritage site.

Menstruation occurring in the idol of Goddess Parvati in Kerala Temple – Thripootharattu

The menstruation occurring in the idol of Goddess Parvati at the Chengannur Mahadeva Temple in Kerala is one of the amazing and perplexing happenings in a Hindu Temple. This unusual phenomenon, referred as Thripootharattu (menstruation ceremony), is not a monthly occurrence nowadays but elders in the region testify that earlier it used happen regularly every month. Nowadays, the menstrual bleeding, which is celebrated as a divine incident, happens occasionally. The Mahadeva Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is located at Chengannur.Legend has it that one day when the temple priest was removing the vesture from the idol of Goddess Parvati; he noticed the presence of blood stains on the dress. The priest informed the local ruler about the unusual occurrence and the queen who examined the dress realized that it was stain of menstrual blood and it was confirmed by the women in the family of the priest.The shrine of Goddess Parvati was immediately close and invoked …

Quotes from Ashtavakra Gita on Bondage and Liberation

Bondage is when the mind longs for something, grieves about something, rejects something, holds on to something, is pleased about something or displeased about something.
Liberation is when the mind does not long for anything, grieve about anything, reject anything, or hold on to anything, and is not pleased about anything or displeased about anything.
Bondage is when the mind is tangled in one of the senses, and liberation is when the mind is not tangled in any of the senses.
When there is no ‘me,’ that is liberation, and when there is ‘me’ there is bondage. Consider this carefully, and neither hold on to anything nor reject anything.