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Hare Krishna Monk Swami Bhaktimarga who undertakes cross-Canada trek

Walking a distance of 7,800 kilometers across Canada that too not once but thrice. For a smiling Hare Krishna Monk Swami Bhaktimarga, the walk brings him close to nature and people and it also keeps him healthy. Katie Lewis of The Ottawa Citizen asked the reason for the unusual walk to Swami Bhaktimarga"Most people have causes. This is a different thing. It's reflective walking." The swami -- who joined the Hare Krishna in 1973, and was known as John Vis -- says his reasons include his deep respect for nature, an attempt to improve his health and, lastly, because he's on a pilgrimageSo how is the third cross-Canada walk different from the earlier ones?"It really gets better and better each time," he says. "Canada really is opening up to alternative forms of life, and I can see a marked difference over the years."Walking is a great experience. Herman Hesse, famous poet and novelist, used to undertake long walks which inspired him. An early mornin…

Ramana Maharshi on Ignorance, Knowledge and Self

Is it not, rather, ignorance to know all else without knowing oneself, the knower? As soon as one knows the Self, which is the substratum of knowledge and ignorance; then knowledge and ignorance perish.That alone is true Knowledge which is neither knowledge nor ignorance. What is known is not true Knowledge. Since the Self shines with nothing else to know or to make known, Self alone is Knowledge. It is not a void.The Self, which is Knowledge, is the only Reality. Knowledge of multiplicity is false knowledge. This false knowledge, which is really ignorance, cannot exist apart from the Self, which is Knowledge-Reality. The variety of gold ornaments is unreal, since none of them can exist without the gold of which they are all made.Ramana Maharshi(Source: Forty Verses on Reality by Sri Ramana Maharshi, translated by Arthur Osborne.)

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