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Debate on Shambo the Sacred Bull Continues

Shambo, the sacred bull at Skanda Vale that created headlines around the world, is dead but a debate on whether Shambo row has undermined Hinduism's credibility or not is on in Britain. Two articles in Newstatesman one by Ramesh Kallidai, the Secretary General of the Hindu Forum of Britain, and another by Jay Lakhani, a Hindu Educationalist, explores the two divergent views.According to Jay Lakhani the ‘Save Shambo’ saga has done severe damage to the public image of Hinduism. Ramesh Kallidai maintains that the views of Hindus who campaigned for Shambo were best for them.There is no doubt that Shambo episode captured the imagination of so many people around the world. Brahman concept of Hinduism strongly suggests that human beings are part of Nature just like other living beings and are dependent on each other. Worship of the cow is a part of the Brahman concept. But today Human Beings behave and live as if they are above Nature. We humans have broken all the laws of Nature. Nature…