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Showing posts from July 28, 2007

Bal Hanuman Cartoon on Zee Jagran

3D animated Bal Hanuman, based on the childhood of Lord Hanuman, is all set to premiere on the Zee Jagran – the religious and spiritual channel of Zee Network. The animated series concentrates on the numerous pranks played by young Hanuman. It also contains important lessons on Hindu culture.The schedule of Bal Hanuman on Zee Jagran can be found here.

Swami Vivekananda on Intellect which is a Burden

Swami Vivekananda: I am the disciple of a man who could not write his own name, and I am not worthy to undo his shoes. How often have I wished I could take my intellect and throw it into the Ganges! Student: But, Swami, that intellect is the part of you I like best. Swami Vivekananda: That is because you are a fool, Madam, like I am.