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Video shows Amarnath Shivling Melting Was Man Made and Not Due to Global Warming

The untimely melting of Shivling even before the start of the journey was first attributed to Global Warming by the officials and the media. But now it turns out that the large number of people who visited the AmarnathCave shrine before the official commencement of the journey were responsible for the melting of Shivling.
NDTV aired a private video showing people burning incense and lighting lamps near the Ice Lingam. One person was shown touching the structure and drinking from the Ice Lingam. Some devotees were even hugging the Lingam in the presence of security personals. It is believed that more than 100,000 people visited the cave shrine before the official commencement of the journey on June 30th. Who is to be held responsible for disappointing thousands of devotees who obeyed the laws and waited for the official commencement? These poor people had to battle rains and cold and were put up in poorly managed camps. What explanation has the board and authorities got to this mothe…

Animation and Live Action merge in My Friend Ganesha

My Friend Ganesha slated to release this week is another bold step in Indian animation. The movie merges animation and live action and will be attempting to win an Indian audience who for various reasons are allergic to animated movies. Animated Hanuman was a big hit with Indian audience but the rest were disasters at the box office. My Friend Ganesha which is having a theatrical release – a rarity in Indian animation – is directed by Rajiv S. Ruia. The music of the movie – a fusion of western and traditional – has already made an impact.The story of My Friend Ganesha revolves around 8-year-old Ashu. The boy spends much of his time with the elderly maid of the house as his parents are busy. On a rainy day, Ashu rescues a mouse from drowning and brings it home. The maid tells Ashu that he has saved Ganesha’s vehicle and she tells him the story of Ganesha which enamors the boy.Soon, Ganesha festival arrives but the family is in a crisis. The maid advises the family to bring a Ganesha …

Purna Vidya – A Vision of Hindu Dharma for Children and Teenagers

The book Purna Vidya – A Vision of Hindu Dharma from Sastraprakasika Trust attempts to impart value based cultural education to children. The purpose of the book is to help children and teenagers understand the rich cultural heritage of India in keeping with the Vedic vision. According to the trust, the book is part of Vedic Heritage Teaching Programme and is a guide for schools, families and communities that wish to teach cultural heritage to children in an authentic and systematic manner.The book is organized into three volumes and is tailored to the ages of the children. Treading a new path the book contains illustrations and games based on Hindu scriptures for kids. Guidelines for teaching Hindu values, religious disciplines, culture and Vedic knowledge. For teenagers, the book has Vedangas and other Vedic scriptures, an introduction to the Bhagavad Gita, human development and contemporary teen issues.The book is credited to Swamini Pramananda Saraswati and Sri Dhira Chaitanya and…

Devotees offer Crores to Tirumala Tirupati Balaji

Tirumala Tirupati is the richest Hindu temple in the world and the devotees are always ready to offer more. A booming Indian economy is making several Indians millionaires and billionaires. And most of these Indians make it a point to share the pie with their favorite deity. There are numerous Tirupati Balaji devotees who believe that their monetary gains are due to the blessings of Lord Venkateshwara. Earlier the donations were in lakhs but now it is in crores. Huge cash donations are regularly made to the Tirupati temple and most the time the donors wish to remain anonymous. Apart from cash, the temple receives offerings like gold, silver, diamonds, paintings and other costly items.This week, K Surya Rao, a Bangalore-based businessman, had donated over Rs one crore to TTD with the request that Rs 50 lakh each be spent on the free meals for pilgrims (Annadanam) and for the benefit of poor patients of TTD hospitals. Earlier, a Delhi based devotee, Rajiv Singh, had offered one crore …

Mirabai’s devotional Poem – Life in the world is short

Life in the world is short,
Why shoulder an unnecessary load
Of worldly relationships?
Thy parents gave thee birth in the world,
But the Lord ordained thy fate.
Life passes in getting and spending,
No merit is earned by virtuous deeds.
I will sing the praises of Hari
In the company of the holy men,
Nothing else concerns me.
Mira's Lord is the courtly Giridhara,Mirabai