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Showing posts from February 24, 2007

In Search of Vaisakheswara Temple

It is believed that Vaisakheswara temple lie submerged below the sea near Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. So far the attempts by Centre for Marine Archaeology (CMA) of AndhraUniversity to locate the temple have been unsuccessful. The city of Visakhapatnam is said to have taken its name from the temple dedicated to God Visakha. Now CMA after decades of research has come to the conclusion that the temple lie beneath the waters of the Bay of Bengal near Tirthapurallu. Parapsychologist Edwin C May is helping the CMA team in their quest for the lost temple.The team plans to employ anomalous cognition (AC) for tracing the temple. Anomalous cognition (AC) is the ability to acquire information that is blocked from the known senses by shielding distance or time for tracing the temple. The process has been successfully employed to trace submerged ships and submarines.

Animated movie on Ghatothkach from Mahabharata

An animated film based on the story of Ghatothkach, son of Bhim and Hidimbi, in Mahabharata is being planned by Shemaroo. The film is directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao, noted for his silent movie Pushpak.’ The 100-minute movie will be released in several Indian regional languages. Exploits of Bhim’s Son Ghatothkacha is packed with action and comedy. Some of his exploits can only be captured through the medium of animation.

Quotes on Bhakti

At first the devotee starts as ‘I am the servant.’ The next stage of devotion is when he says and feels ‘He is mine.’ Lastly comes the stage, ‘I am He, Thou art myself,’ when the devotee is in a state of perfect union and oneness with the Beloved. In that state of devotion, the devotee, on account of oneness, feels that what he sees, hears, etc, is Vasudeva. Pandit Bhavani Shankar