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The Spelling of Shivaratri - Confusion - Making Search Engine Like Google Understand

What is the exact spelling for Shivaratri? There are nearly a dozen English spelling of Shivaratri in vogue on the internet and in print media. It is very difficult to make Search Engine like Google, Ask, Yahoo etct to understand that they all mean the same thing.

Sivaratri (this spelling has a macron on top of S)
Maha Shivaratri
Maha Shivratri
Maha Sivratri

Some more spelling variations are there but they are not relevant as they appear rarely in online newspapers and websites and are mostly typos.

Many are the path that leads to Brahman. Similarly, all these spelling ultimately lead to information on Shivaratri.

Update - Today the different spellings are understood by search engines and they all will take you to Shivratri. Earlier it was not the case. Spellings were a big problem for Hindu religion writers as they had to use different types of spellings to make the search engines understand that they all meant the same thing.