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Raja Ram Mohan Roy Quotes

OM, when considered as one letter, uttered by the help of one articulation, is the symbol of the Supreme Spirit. But when considered a trilateral word consisting of a, u, m, it implies the three Vedas, the three states of human nature, the divisions of the universe, and the three deities – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, agents in the creation, preservation and destruction of this world; or, properly speaking, the three principal attributes of the Supreme Being personified in those three deities. In this sense it implies, in fact, the universe controlled by the Supreme Spirit.

There is only one God. None equals him. He has no end. He is present in all living beings.

The present system of Hindus is not well calculated to promote their political interests. It is necessary that some change should take place in their religion at least for the sake of political advantage and social comfort.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy (1775 – 1883)