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This Diwali Gift an Indian Barbie

The famous Barbie doll sports Indian clothes and jewelry.In its "Dolls of the World" line, Mattel released the "Diwali Barbie Doll" back in August but is marketing the doll at the time of Diwali. From Mattel's promotional materials:"The most important and magical festival celebrated in India is Diwali. Homes are decorated with marigolds and mango leaves, thousands of oil diyas or lamps are lit as auspicious symbols of good luck, and everyone enjoys sweets to the sound of firecrackers and revelers.

"Diwali Barbie doll wears a traditional teal sari with golden detailing, a lovely pink shawl wrap, and exotic jewelry. The final detail is a bindi on the forehead - a jewel or a mark worn by Hindu women to indicate that they are married. Doll cannot stand alone."

It looks the doll was inspired by some Bollywood costume. No idea what the dress should be called. This type of dress is seen mostly in Bollywood movies but not in real life.

Diwali Craft Ideas

It’s true that diyas are available in the market. But the fun and bonding you can get while making it with your family is different.

Bigeyedowl has got some excellent craft ideas for Diwali.
Most of these ideas are for children. Adults too can try it out - only if you have patience and time.
For the more enthusiastic children and adults, there are craft ideas to make rangoli, elephant and Indian slippers.

MSN joins in Diwali celebration

When 80 million people are celebrating, can the popular websites ignore it? So MSN has come out with prizes and games to attract netizens. Some of the bait from MSNGold coin if you make MSN your homepage. Introduce MSN to friends and win a trip to Singapore.Then there is gossip! There is also a chance to make a donation to CRY. More...

Sugar Free Sweets for Diwali

There is some sweet news for diabetic patients this Diwali. Sundar Diabetics Dezire, a company in Chennai, is introducing sugar free sweets. They had successfully introduced rasogolla and gulab jamun for diabetic patients last year. The sweets are made using levulose - extracted from natural sources like apple and orange. The Hindu reports:It has been proved that Levulose does not increase blood sugar and alter lipid profile, says company Managing Director K Ramu. He said the sweets were suitable for diabetics as insulin is not required for their metabolism and had a very low glycemic index. Moreover, the company's Diabetics Dezire Sugar Substitute was the only product in the market that was totally natural, he claimed.

Diwali at Dartmouth

Hindu members of the Dartmouth community, for the first time, will have an opportunity to celebrate on the college. Dartmouth at Hanover is a private, four-year liberal arts institution and has been at the forefront of American higher education since 1769. The Dartmouth news writes:The Dartmouth celebration, to be held on Saturday, Oct. 21, begins at 5 p.m. in Darmouth's Rollins Chapel where a cleric will lead participants in puja, or prayer, in the form of traditional Sanskrit mantras. At 6 p.m., Professor of Computer Science Prasad Jayanti, the faculty advisor for the Hindu student association Shanti, joined by members of Shanti, will light 1,500 lamps on the Dartmouth Green which will then be allowed to burn themselves out.Shanti, which includes roughly 150 members, is made up of Dartmouth undergraduates, graduate students, staff, faculty and UpperValley community members. In addition to Diwali, Shanti members convene for weekly services in the Hindu temple erected in Rollins C…

Call India Free on Diwali through Yahoo Voice

Yes! You can call on any phone in India from your PC for free. The service is free from Oct 21 12:00am IST to Oct 22 9:29am IST. All you have to do is get Yahoo! Voice. If you already have, get the phone numbers ready. More details.

Designer Diwali Lights

This Diwali at least in some places the humble diyas are giving way to designer lights. But if you are for the humble diyas, don’t worry the earthen diyas are transforming to take on the designer lights. Hindustan Times reports:A shopkeeper, “These days the people demanding these designer Diyas. Old plain earthen Diyas have gone out of the fashion and these designer Diyas ranging between Rs 20-200 each depending on their size.”According to a housewife, “These designer Diyas are more presentable and beautiful in comparison to the old plain ones even the designer candles are in the market.”The Hindu writes: There are quirky, colored lanterns, shades in paper and wood.But the traditional diyas are not giving up easily. They too come in various sizes and designs. Hindustan Times reports, “Markets are full of artistically crafted diyas this festive season. Embellished with mirrors and zari and filled with coloured wax, the Diwali diyas are a sight to behold.”At the end of the day, peop…

Hindu links for 10/20/2006

Diwali splurge reflects economic boom - BBC"The holiday is traditionally a time for Indian parents to buy their children new clothes and gifts. And with the Indian economy booming, even those at the bottom of the economic ladder are feeling richer.
But still millions of Indian children, it's a struggle merely to earn money, let alone spend it."On the Hindu Community in the United States“It took coming to America for 13-year-old Samyuktha Shivraj to understand what it really meant to her to be Hindu.Since she and her family arrived five years ago, they've been more observant about practicing their faith than they were in India, Samyuktha says. They regularly go to their temple in Queens, where she's a member of the youth club, and there are more conversations about what the prayers she's reciting really are saying.”Report of Diwali celebration from East London, South Africa“Diwali, the most beautiful festival of lights, will add a different spin on East Lon…