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A true testimony on Understanding Gita and knowing the life of Gandhi

It is very rare that I get to read a good blog on Hinduism. But this blog by Inim Aduos, - no idea what it means - was different. It was a testimony. A true testimony on Understanding Gita and knowing the life of Gandhi.

In each word in the article, I could feel the celebration of freedom, which incidentally is the true essence of Hinduism.

Some extracts from the blog. (the article was removed from the original source)
“Somehow, from the stories my father used to say, I started feeling that there is only one God and you can interpret Him in any way you want and also He is present everywhere; one does not have to go to a temple to see Him. I believed that God is in our hearts and we don’t have to sit down at a particular time and place to pray to Him.” 
“Both my parents never insisted that Hinduism was the only way to God. Although Lord Krishna was his devotee, religion was immaterial to my father. Because of this nature of my parents I had the freedom to read and understand other religions also.” 
“Understanding Gita and knowing the life of Gandhi really changed my life around. Gandhi was also an ardent follower of the teachings of Gita. To me, I not only understood why this man walked around in a piece of cloth, I also started seeing him as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. If Gita was the Lord’s words, then Gandhi was the Lord’s words put to action.”
The little boy
Once, long time ago, my mother and I went to the famous Guruvayoor temple in Kerala, India. Visiting the temple was of course my mother’s wish; I just went along. 

In the temple, my mother told me to make an offering of Rice pudding to the Lord. Usually when you make such an offering, you would pay the price for the offering and you would get a receipt for it. You have to pick up the receipt and give it to the proper authorities who would then give you the pudding.
After I picked up the receipt, I was walking back towards the temple when a little boy came to me and asked, ‘Sister, can I please have the receipt, I like to have some pudding’. I did not really see any little boy in him; I saw the Lord in him and so immediately without further thought, I gave him the receipt.
When I returned, my mother asked me where the receipt was so that we could go and get the pudding. I told her what happened. She was surprised but then she smiled as an agreement to what I did.
After that I did not see the boy anywhere in the vicinity. Oh Lord, what a miracle!