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Hindu links for 10/15/2006

Ageless body, timeless mind"Human mind is like that elephant, which is not aware of own potential. Of what it can create. Therefore, we need to know how to unleash the force of our minds to creative ends. Our minds need the 'stick' of discipline to realise their complete potential, of realising our mind's fallibility, of realising what it is capable of and what it is not capable of. This awareness of the mind, alone, can be called our intelligence. Such a state of awareness needs rigorous training." As Sri Sri spoke, I realised he could have been anyone of the epochal, ageless men our ancient civilisation has produced. Around whom the fire of wisdom, the flame of learning has kept alive dispelling the metaphorical darkness in our selves. – daily pioneer.Eco-consciousness celebrationA slow but significant eco-consciousness is transforming Indian festivals. We can celebrate our faith, it seems, without making the planet pay for it.On ShivaVishnuTemple in Parma