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Hindu blog is not for defending Hindu religion

I get numerous mails asking why I am not writing against people who attack Hinduism. This is a reply to that. Defending Hinduism means I should write against other religions. I should prove that Hindu religion is better than other religion. For me Hinduism is not a religion. All religions are like stagnant water. It stinks. They ask people to follow blindfolded. They have nothing new to offer. So the best way to keep a religion alive is attacking another religion. Christianity tries to rob people from other religion to increase numbers. Islam tries to keep its religion intact by tight religious control. Hinduism tries to protect its followers by enacting new laws. The religions around the world are ‘isms’ like Marxism or any other political philosophy. Hindu religion is no different from the other religions in the world. It has its own hierarchies. There is the evil caste system. Many people use Hinduism to fill their belly and these people also misinterpret Hindu religious texts…

Quote for the day

The moth is my eleventh guru. Drawn by light, it flies from its dwelling to sacrifice itself in the flame. It taught me that once I see the drawn, I must overcome my fear, soar at full speed, and plunge into the flame of knowledge to be consumed and transformed.Dattatreya

Hindu links for 10/12/2006

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