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Hindu links for 10/07/2006

Indian festivals and communal harmonyIt is a matter of great sorrow that some communal powers living in India envy the communal harmony & some foreign powers want to destroy the communal harmony & communal unity, whenever they get time. In the last five years, there have been many attempts to hurt the communal unity of India. - Tanveer JafriCaste into a mouldThere is no logic about the caste system. Men who patronise brothels don’t ask about the castes of whores they make love to in return for cash. Nor when they seduce their maidservants, washerwomen or sweeperesses. Then they forget about untouchability or pollution. Lust overcomes all their inhibitions. But when it comes to marriages of their sons and daughters, caste raises its ugly head. – Khushwant SinghHindu community moving forward on new templeReport on the rebuilding of the GujaratiSamajHinduTemple on Apalachee Parkwayin Tallahassee, Florida.Historic Bangkok landmark removed with ritual ceremonyAfter being scarred by…