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Mukta Bharan Saptami

Mukta Bharan Saptami is observed in the Bhadrapad month in North India. In 2017, the date of Mukta Bharan Saptami is August 28. It is observed on the seventh day of the waxing phase of moon in Bhadra month. This unique ritual which falls during the Shukla Paksha of the month is important to some Hindu communities.

Doobali Satham and Uma Maheshwar Puja are also observed on the day.

Saptami Vrata is generally dedicated to Lord Surya.

The 16-day Mahalakshmi Vrata in North India in Bhadrapad Month

A 16-day Mahalakshmi Vrata, or Solah Din Mahalaxmi Vrat, is observed in North India in the Bhadrapad Month (August – September). It begins on the eighth day of Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in Bhadra Mahina and ends on the Ashtami day of waning phase of moon (Krishna Paksha) in Ashwin month.

The popular belief is that one will get back all the lost material wealth by observing Mahalakshmi Vrata. People also observe it for attaining peace and prosperity.

An important ritual during the period is the tying of a sacred thread having sixteen knots.

People avoid non-vegetarian food during the period.

A Kalash or Purna Kumbha symbolizing Mahalakshmi is worshipped on the last day of the Vrata.

You can get more details of the 16-day Mahalakshmi Vrata in North India in this article.

Rushi Pancham in Gujarat

Rushi Pancham is a unique ritual observed by farmers and women in Gujarat on the fifth day of the waxing phase of moon in Bhadrapad month (August - September). Rushi Pancham 2017 date is August 26. As per Hindu tradition, women are not supposed to perform any religious ritual or visit temples during menstrual period. If a woman happens to break the rule, then she can perform the Rushi Pancham ritual and absolve the sin.

In some Hindu communities, there is a belief that during menstrual period, a woman should not touch anyone or any vessel.

Legend has it that a woman who did not stick to this rule was born as a dog in her next birth. A holy saint who realized that the dog was a woman in her earlier birth, asked the owners of the dog to perform Rushi Pancham vrat so that the woman can escape from pain and rebirth. The couple performed the Vrat and the woman got moksha.

Women fast on the day, which falls on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month. Farmers perform the ritua…

Tulsidas’s Prayer to Lord Ram

O Lord please encage my mind-swan
in the loving cage of your sacred feet’?

Grant me, O Lord, by Your grace,
To follow all that is good and pure;

To be content with simple things;
To use my fellows not as means but ends;

To serve them stalwartly, in thought, word, deed;
Never to utter words of hatred or of shame;

To cast away all selfishness and pride;
To speak no ill of others;

To have a mind at peace,
Set free from care, and led astray from You
Neither by happiness nor by woe.
Set Thou my feet upon this path,
And keep me steadfast in it;

Thus only shall I please You, serve You right.

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