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Goat in Hindu Scriptures as a Vahana or Vehicle of Gods

Animal goat is mentioned both as a symbol and as a vehicle of Gods in Hindu scriptures. In the Samkhya system of Hinduism, Prakriti is depicted as a female goat. Prakriti represents the Mother Nature. The color of goat is red, black or white and represents the three gunas – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. The vehicle of Goddess Kali is a black goat. Agni rides Mesha – a ram. Kubera, the god of wealth, also has a ram as his vehicle. A ram is an uncastrated adult male sheep.
After the self-immolation of Sati, Shiva beheads Daksha and later, on repentance, Shiva breathes life into Daksha by replacing his head with that of a goat.
Goat finds mention occasionally in Puranas and Vedas. It is mentioned that the seed which fell from Prajapati transformed into a male-goat. There are incidents in Puranas involving Indra and goat. Goat is also mentioned in Tantric texts both as an animal and as a symbol.
Sadly, Goats are also sacrificed to Goddess Kali and other village deities. Thousands of goats are …

Dhanu Yatra – When Bargarh in Orissa becomes Kansa’s Mathura

Dhanu Yatra is an open air theater festival held in Bargarh in Orissa and is based on Lord Krishna’s visit to Mathura to witness the fair organized by uncle Kansa as mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana. Dhanu Yatra begins on January 15, 2016 and ends on January 24, 2016.
During the festival, the Bargarh municipal limits transforms into Mathura and it is ruled by King Kansa. JeeraRiver, which flows through the town, becomes River Yamuna and the Amapali village, on the other bank of the river, becomes Gopapur – the village of Krishna.
Each episode mentioned the Bhagavata Purana related to the ‘bow’ ceremony organized by Ruler Kansa is enacted in different parts of the town. Almost all the people in the town are part of the open air theater performances. The Bargarh Kansa can even impose fine on his citizens during the 11-day festival.
The festival begins with the wedding of Devaki and Vasudeva, then their imprisonment by Kansa and his taking over the reins of Mathura from Ugrasen, then…

What is Brahman? – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

A certain father had two sons. When they were old enough, they were admitted to the first stage of life (Brahmacharya) and placed under the care of a religious teacher to study the Vedas. After few years, having finished their studies, the boys returned home.Their father asked them if they had studied the Vedanta. On their replying in the affirmative, he asked, “Well, tell me what is Brahman?”The elder son, quoting the Vedas and other scriptures, replied: “O Father, It is beyond words and thoughts. It is so and so I know it all.” And to support what he said, he began quoting Vedantic texts.“So you have known Brahman!” said the father, “you may go about your business.” Then he asked the younger son the same question.But the boy remained silent; not a word came out of his mouth, nor did he make any attempt to speak.At this father remarked. “Yes, my boy, you are right. Nothing can be predicated of the Absolute and the Unconditioned. No sooner do you talk of it then you state the Infinite…