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Hindu Faith in Politics and Governance

Gandhi an example of Hindu faith in politics’ is an article written by Shreyas Limaye in The Daily, Washington. As the title suggests, the article talks about core values attached to Hinduism and the role these values had played in Indian politics and governance. Some excerpts from the articleA devout Hindu himself, Mahatma Gandhi turned to religion to instill inner strength and courage among his followers and to lead them in the struggle against the British colonial rulers of India.…Hinduism suggests a four-fold path encompassing realization of both material as well as spiritual values (purushartha). Dharma, artha, kama and moksha are the four ideals a Hindu attempts to achieve in life. Artha and kama are attaining livelihood and fulfillment of pleasures in life. Dharma is the way of living a moral, just and disciplined life whereas moksha is the ultimate goal of spiritual liberation of soul.Dharma is not a rigid code of conduct. Within a general framework of moral values, dharma is…

Science behind Hindu Fire Walking Ritual

Many devotees who partake in Hindu fire walking ritual do not get burned. There is also a popular belief that those who are blessed by Amman will not suffer burns. But in normal case, if a person walks on fire he/she will suffer burns. So what saves these ardent devotees of ‘Amman’? Coal from wood has less thermal capacity. This means less heat is transferred to the feet while walking on fire.The period of contact between burning coal and feet is for a very short period. Many people walk briskly.The bed of burning coal is different from a metal sheet and there are numerous pores or vacant areas in a bed of coal.The bed of burning coal is not a hard surface like a sheet of metal or road, as a person walks the coal displaces.The ash from the coal acts as an insulator. The thick layer of ash on the coal bed is often hidden as the ritual is performed at night. The same bed of burning coal when viewed at day time will clearly show a layer of ash.Many people believe that the entire exercis…

Fire Walking Ritual in Hinduism

Fire walking is an important ritual practiced by certain sections of Hindu society. The ritual involves walking over a bed of coals. The ritual is known as thimithi and is mainly practiced by Hindus in South India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and South Africa. The ritual is primarily dedicated to ‘Amman’ – an important female deity associated with Shakti cult in South Indian and Tamil Culture.

The fire walking ritual is an act of self-purification. For some devotees it is part of a vow in which the devotee promises to walk on fire in exchange for a wish or blessing granted by Amman. Devotees believe that if they are blessed by Amman then they will come out unscathed. Fire walking is also part of Theyyam dance ritual in Northern Kerala.
Interestingly, in some areas Thimethippu or Thimeethi (fire walking) is referred as Poo Methippu or Pomethipu (flower walking). The name due to the orange color of coal, which looks like flowers. The ritual is mainly performed by men. Some men ca…

U G Krishnamurti Sayings

You never question the solutions. If you really question the solutions you will have to question the ones who have offered you those solutions. But sentimentality stands in the way of your rejecting not only the solutions, but those who have offered you the solutions. Questioning that requires a tremendous courage on your part. You can have the courage to climb the mountain, swim the lakes, go on a raft to the other side of the Atlantic or Pacific. That any fool can do, but the courage to be on your own, to stand on your two solid feet, is something which cannot be given by somebody. You cannot free yourself of that burden by trying to develop that courage. If you are freed from the entire burden of the entire past of mankind, then what is left there is the courage.All I am saying is that the peace you are seeking is already inside you. Anything you do to free yourself from anything for whatever reason is destroying the sensitivity, clarity, and freedom that is already there.U G Krish…

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