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Namaghosha Of Madhavadeva

Namaghosha, authored by the revered Assamese saint Madhavadeva in the 16th century CE, stands as a monumental devotional work in Assamese literature. Comprising one thousand verses, the text serves as a beacon of spiritual wisdom and devotion, intricately weaving together philosophical insights with the fervor of bhakti.

The structure of Namaghosha reflects its multifaceted nature, delineated into three principal sections. Firstly, it expounds upon the virtues of the holy name, known as nama dharma, emphasizing the transformative power inherent in chanting the divine name. This section lays the groundwork for the spiritual journey, elucidating the significance of cultivating a deep reverence for the sacred.

The subsequent segment of Namaghosha brims with verses of profound devotion and surrender. Here, Madhavadeva's poetic expressions reverberate with the heartfelt longing of the devotee to merge with the divine. Through eloquent verses, he encapsulates the essence of surrendering one's ego at the feet of the beloved Lord, paving the way for a profound communion with the divine presence.

In its final section, Namaghosha resounds with glorifications of Bhagavan Krishna and Vishnu, extolling their divine attributes and eternal splendor. Madhavadeva paints a vivid portrait of Bhagavan Sri Krishna as the epitome of pure knowledge, the timeless shelter sought by all beings. He implores his disciples to seek refuge in Krishna, recognizing Him as the ultimate sanctuary amidst the transient fluctuations of existence.

Madhavadeva's profound insights and unwavering devotion shine through the verses of Namaghosha, offering solace and guidance to seekers on the path of spiritual awakening. Indeed, the saint's parting counsel to his disciples underscores the enduring significance of this sacred text, urging them to immerse themselves in its wisdom and draw inspiration from its timeless teachings, long after his physical departure from the world.

Here are a few verses from "Namaghosha" with their English translations:

নামঘোষা নামঘোষা নামঘোষা কীর্ত্তন ধীরে জনম মৃত্যু রোগাদি বিনাশ কৰে সীরে

English Translation: "Chant the name of the Lord with patience, It eradicates birth, death, disease, and all sufferings."

সুন্দৰতা শ্রীকৃষ্ণৰ আপোনি নিজৰে দিব্যকুণ্ডল কিৰনাবত হই নুতনে

English Translation: "The beauty of Lord Krishna surpasses all, Radiant like a cluster of divine stars."

আত্মা পৰমাত্মা কই মিলিয়া জোৱা বসি নমস্কাৰ কৰিব নিত্য আনন্দধারে

English Translation: "Where the soul merges with the Supreme Soul, There, immerse yourself in eternal bliss through devotion."