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Dada Lekhraj – Short Biography On Founder Of The Brahma Kumaris

Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani, better known as Dada Lekhraj, was a remarkable figure in the spiritual landscape of India, particularly known as the founder of the Brahma Kumaris movement. Born in Hyderabad, Sind (now in Pakistan) in 1876, he grew up in a modest family with his father being a school teacher. Despite his humble beginnings, he ventured into business, initially trading wheat and later achieving success in the diamond trade.

Despite his thriving business, Dada Lekhraj maintained a devout and simple lifestyle. Dada Lekhraj's spiritual journey unfolded with a series of profound visions that transcended the ordinary realm. Among these, he beheld the majestic form of Vishnu, adorned with four arms, radiating divine grace and power. Another vision revealed the sacred presence of a jyotirlinga, symbolizing the cosmic energy of Lord Shiva. Yet, alongside these awe-inspiring images, came glimpses of imminent cataclysm—a foreboding sense of widespread destruction heralding the culmination of an epoch.

In the midst of these mystical encounters, a verse echoed within Dada's consciousness, signaling a divine revelation. The words resonated: "Nijananda rupam, Shivoham, Shivoham" — a declaration of his inherent blissful Self, identifying with the eternal essence of Shiva. Illuminated by the brilliance of light and imbued with an ineffable sense of power, he received a divine mandate: to initiate the construction of a new world.

Thus, guided by his visions and the inner call to transformative action, Dada Lekhraj embarked on a sacred mission, charged with the responsibility to shape a reality infused with spiritual significance and divine purpose.

In 1937, Dada Lekhraj established the Brahma Kumaris sect in Karachi, which later moved to Mount Abu in Rajasthan after Partition. His teachings emphasized spiritual empowerment, advocating for the equality of women and promoting the virtues of chastity and spiritual freedom. However, these progressive ideas faced resistance from conservative elements within society, leading to protests and legal challenges.

Despite these challenges, Dada Lekhraj, also known as Pitashri Prajapati Brahma or Brahma Baba, continued to lead and inspire his followers with his wisdom and spiritual insights. He was revered as a father figure by his followers, guiding them on the path of self-realization and spiritual enlightenment through meditation and selfless service.

Dada Lekhraj's teachings, conveyed through his discourses known as "murlis," are considered sacred by his followers, who believe him to be the incarnation of Shiva. His legacy continues to shape the beliefs and practices of the Brahma Kumaris movement, which has grown into a global spiritual organization dedicated to promoting peace, harmony, and spiritual awakening. Dada Lekhraj passed away in 1969, leaving behind a profound legacy of spiritual wisdom and compassion.