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Brahma Kumaris Quotes

A collection of quotes from Brahma Kumaris.

The way to live our values is to integrate our inner thoughts, awareness, attitude and feelings with our outer expression.

To be peaceful and happy, one has to learn the art of letting go – of the bad memories of the past, the bad feeling of the present and the fears of future.

Empowering values from the inside makes them lasting and consistent.

It is important that we engage with our values at every moment of our lives. By doing so, we integrate our inner spiritual life with outer actions. This enables our core human values to bring about a lasting transformation in society.

By empowering our values from the inside, we can live them, even in the most challenging situations.

Relationship is essentially an exchange of energy between two souls. However, today we believe it to be an exchange of gifts, words and behavior.

Despite doing so much we are still struggling with our relationships today because we are putting all our efforts into perfecting the exteriors of the building while paying very little attention to its invisible foundation. The building can collapse in the wake of even a mild calamity. 

I alone know what gets manufactured in my mind, so I have to set it right myself. I have to be convinced that the thoughts created for people in my mind, form the foundation of my relationships. Till today we believed that our thoughts are hidden from others, so we gave ourselves the liberty to think any quality of thoughts for people, but manipulated our words and actions. But now we understand that the energy our thoughts carry automatically radiates to others, and reaches them much before our words and actions. 

Conflict is not in a relationship. Conflict is in the mind. Conflict is not about you and me. It is about what I think of you and what you think of me. Both of us do not need to change to resolve the conflict. Either I or you change how we think, the conflict cannot continue.

Can I predict – how will situations be? How will people behave? How will my health be? How will the weather be? How I will respond to them? In these times of uncertainty. Let us be certain that “I will respond with Stability.”

  Brahma Kumaris