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Arjunanirtham was a folk dance performed earlier in Bhagavathi or Devi temples in Kerala. The dance was popular in Goddess Shakti temples in Alappuzha and Kottayam districts. This dance ritual form is no longer seen in temples. But it is can be seen as part of ghoshayathra in temples and other religious and secular events. The ritual is also known as Mayilpeeli Thookkam.

Arjuna Nritham dance is based on the stories from Mahabharata especially those related to Arjuna. The dancer used to perform in Vilambam, Madhyam and Shrutam.

In ancient times the performer used to sing the songs as part of the dance. Today the performer merely appears wearing the costume. The main musical instruments used in ancient times were Madalam and Ilathalam. Today, Ilathalam and chenda are used.

The person performing the dance wears costumes made using mayilpeeli or peacock feathers.

The fold dance is described as Anushtanakala, Ayodanakala, Anuranjanakala and Aithihya kala.

Just like in Kathakali, the makeup of face includes chutti, minukku and mughathezhuthu.