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Story Of Origin Of Kuttichathan In Kerala

There are so many legends associated with the origin and birth of Kuttichathan in Kerala. This particular story of Kuttichathan is from North Kerala and is associated with the Theyyam dance form. Kuttichathan is a mischievous young boy with magical powers including the power of changing shapes and creating new things.

As per this story, Shiva once went to hunt in a forest and here He met a woman named Koolivaka. Shiva was enamored by the voice and beauty of Koolivaka and wanted to marry her.

Koolivaka prayed to Goddess Parvati to find a solution. Goddess Parvati appeared before her and told her that she need not worry about the situation. Goddess Parvati told Koolivaka that in her previous birth she was a Her maiden. She was cursed by Goddess Parvati to be born on earth for secretly breastfeeding Bala Ganapathi (child Ganesha.) When Koolivaka asked for forgiveness, Goddess Parvati consoled her by stating that in her next birth on earth she will have the fortune of breastfeeding the children of Shiva.

 Goddess Parvati then asked Koolivaka to go to her house without any fear and expect for a change in her life. Parvati Devi then took the form of Koolivaka and approached Shiva.

It is said that as a result of this divine union Goddess Parvati gave birth to 316 children. These children were known as Chathanmar or Kuttichathan.

The eldest of the Kuttichathan was Karikutti Chathan and the youngest was Vishnumaya Kuttichathan. Goddess Parvati gave a buffalo to Vishnumaya Chathan and an ox to Karikkuti Chathan as their protectors. Both of these chathans were given to Koolivaka and they grew up under the guidance and protection of her.