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Overcoming Ego And Desire In Old Age

The old should not impose themselves on others. If people seek their guidance, then they may pass on whatever experience they have. But if they go on dictating, they are likely to be ignored; most people do not like being told what they ought to do. Guidance is different from dictating.

Do not seek, do not shun. Whatever comes of its own accord, do that. You have to keep adapting yourself to the times. Age overtakes us. We know that this is inevitable; we see things changing continuously. We see people dying every day. Yet our ego, ahamkara, is so strong that we are unable to accept that we too shall have to leave our bodies. We should be prepared for that. Nothing is perfect in this world. It is our duty to try to improve ourselves and the things under our control as much as possible. But we also need to remember that, whatever we may do, one day we shall pass away, our bodies will die.

Why should you desire? If you do not have any desire, you will be happy. The Gita says:

O Partha, when one fully renounces all desires of
the mind, and remains satisfied in the Self alone
through the Self, then is one called a person of
steady wisdom.

You have to channelize your desires, not suppress them. Suppression is not healthy. Instead you should channelize them positively and slowly annihilate them.